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NY prosecutor drops part of sex assault case against Harvey Weinstein

HomeUS News Published time: 11 Oct, 2018 13:53 Edited time: 11 Oct, 2018 13:55 Get short URL New York prosecutors have dropped one of sex crime charges against disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein, according to news agencies. DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT US News

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Russophobia Digest Part 12: Bots hate Star Wars, Hillary's bitter and Russians with no conscience

It’s been a week of well diversified Russophobia, from multi-state cross-border accusations of hacking, all the way down to bots being blamed for the last Star Wars movie getting bad reviews. Here’s a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. Read more Luke, feel the Russophobia Jedi master Luke Skywalker milked an alien, the plot had more ...

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Russophobia Digest Part 11: NYT’s ‘alleged’ journalism and embassies accused of diplomacy

The New York Times prides itself on the motto “All the news that’s fit to print.” This week it must have found extra space, because it printed an expose into alleged Russian interference that was barely fit to wipe your… Anyway, here’s a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia.  NYT’s alleged journalism If you’ve ever wondered ...

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Russophobia Digest Part 10: Boy scouts, anonymous sources and a new Salisbury 'poisoning'

In just a few days Russia has been accused of planning to hack American boy scouts, kill an Instagram “model” with rat poison, and help Julian Assange escape. All stories high in Russophobia and low in evidence. Here’s a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. Scouts dishonour Salon.com picked up a story that can only be ...

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Russophobia Digest Part 8: Skripal claims open floodgates, and Pearl Harbour compared to tweeting

When two Russians no one has heard of were named as the main suspects in the Salisbury spy poisoning this week, it was clear this was going to be a great opportunity for Russophobia. And it was! Here’s a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. The MP for Russophobia West However Sergei Skripal and his daughter ...

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The Xbox Adaptive Controller goes on sale today and is also now part of the V&A museum’s collection

In an important move for inclusion in the gaming community, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, created for gamers with mobility issues, is now on sale. The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) also announced today that it has acquired the Xbox Adaptive Controller for display in its Rapid Response gallery dedicated to current events and pop culture. First introduced in May, the ...

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Polish newspaper releases map showing Crimea as part of Russia

A Polish sports newspaper has published a map in which Crimea comprises part of Russia, despite Warsaw being a longstanding critic of the region’s reunification with the country. In an article released on Friday, Przeglad Sportowy, the oldest Polish sports daily, published a map which showed clubs participating in the upcoming Champions League football tournament, along with the countries they ...

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Russophobia digest part 7: US military fires blame-Russia ray & RT is targeted

There’s a military flavor to this week’s Digest, because if there’s one weapon that can always be deployed to full effect it’s the trusty Russophobia Ray. Facts, geography and RT are all in the crosshairs this week. Here’s a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. Misinformation or just misinformed? A US Army colonel accused RT of ...

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Russophobia digest part 6: Evidence is optional as alleged anti-vaxx Russian bots go phishing

Alleged Russian bots have been at the forefront of another week of Russophobia, with a new but familiar pattern emerging. Scare stories and accusations are made, before a later admission that no actual evidence is available. Read more RT takes a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. Democrats’ security chief missed the memo One of the ...

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Russophobia Digest Part 5: Racist rallies, 11-yr old hackers and imminent Arctic war

Russophobia showed off its underrated versatility this week. It has proved useful to explain election losses that haven’t even happened yet, being blamed for historical racial tensions, and used to boost military spending. RT takes a look at the last seven days or so of Russophobia. Charlottesville made in Russia Republican Congressman Tom Garrett from Virginia attempted to get some ...

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