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When parents quarrel: Brussels levies Ukrainian metals imports amid EU-US trade spat

Ukrainian metal imports have fallen victim to a trade war between the United States and the European Union. The country has been financially dependent on EU and US since the Maidan revolution of 2014. On Wednesday, the EU announced provisional safeguard measures concerning imports of a number of steel products that kicked off on Thursday. It came as a retaliation ...

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Parents could get mobile location data of missing kids under new Russian bill

The search for missing children in Russia could be sped up if a new draft bill, which allows for location data from mobile phones to be given to parents and rescue services, passes in the State Duma. Deputy Duma Speaker and MP Irina Yarovaya, representing the majority party United Russia, has drafted a bill allowing rescue services to receive mobile ...

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Poll: Majority side with Trump on immigration, blame parents for detention crisis

A new Rasmussen poll has found that a majority of Americans side with President Donald Trump, and blame illegal immigrant parents for the current child detention crisis at the Mexican border. According to the poll, 54 percent of likely voters said that the parents of detained children are to blame for knowingly breaking the law in the first place. Only ...

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Three people in a polyamorous relationship recognized as legal parents of a child in Canada

A Canadian court has declared two men in a polyamorous relationship with a woman as legal parents of a child in the first such case in the country’s history. The Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court came up with a ruling in April, but it was only publicly announced last week. Canadian law recognizes polyamorous relationships, but bars bigamy and polygamy, ...

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Messenger Kids no longer requires the kids’ parents to be friends, too

Facebook’s Messenger Kids application, which allows children under 13 to chat with parents’ approval, is today rolling out a small, but notable change – it no longer requires that the children’s parents be Facebook friends with one another, in order for the children to connect. This solves one of the problems with the app’s earlier design, where it operated more ...

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‘Beyond insane and sick’: Parkland parents lash out at school shooting simulator

Parents of students murdered in February at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have lashed out at a new video game that lets gamers play the role of a school shooter, stalking through classrooms to rack up kills. “Active Shooter” is billed as a “SWAT simulator’, and will be released on Steam, an online games marketplace. Players can assume ...

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Get out! Desperate parents win lawsuit against 30yo son who refused to leave home

Most parents assume they’ll be empty nesters by the time their kids reach their 30s, but that wasn’t the case for one couple. They were so tired of their grown son refusing to leave their house that they sued him – and won. Read more Although the typical 30-year-old has moved out of their parents’ house and might be married ...

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TeenSafe data breach: Passwords 'leaked' for app parents use to monitor kids

TeenSafe, a popular mobile app used by parents to monitor the location and online activity of their children, has reportedly leaked tens of thousands of passwords related to both parent and child accounts. According to its CEO Rawdon Messenger, TeenSafe is an IOS and Android app that believes “privacy is trumped by safety.” It enables parents to monitor their child’s ...

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‘Strangled, waterboarded & shot with crossbows’: 10 children tortured by parents in California

In a horrific case of domestic torture, a California couple routinely beat, strangled, “waterboarded” and fired crossbows and BB guns at their 10 children, prosecutors have told a court. The chilling allegations surfaced after the children were interviewed as part of a police probe. Officers found them living in a filthy house full of garbage and animal and human feces ...

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‘Sexuality expert’ mocked over claim parents need consent for diaper changing (POLL)

Claims by a ‘sexuality expert’ that parents should ask their babies for permission to change their diaper has sparked a flood of reaction with political parties criticizing the Australian news channel which interviewed the woman. Deanne Carson, who works with Body Safe Australia, made the comments on ABC News as part of a segment on establishing a “culture of consent” ...

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