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34 girls beaten by ‘boys & their parents’ after resisting sexual harassment in India – media

Up to 34 girls in India had to be hospitalized after being brutally beaten by a group of boys and their parents on Saturday afternoon when they complained of sexual harassment, local media report. The victims aged are all said to be teenagers between 12 and 16, from a boarding school in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. The incident ...

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Lindsay Lohan tries to take refugee kid from parents, punched by mother in bizarre video

An Instagram Live video of Lindsay Lohan attempting to separate an apparently homeless child from his family has left social media users stunned and outraged. The disturbing video was filmed by Lohan herself and live-streamed on her Instagram account Friday night. It’s believed  the incident took place in Paris, where the Hollywood actress has been staying for the last number ...

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Gay penguin couple snatch chick from parents at Denmark zoo (VIDEO)

A same-sex penguin couple caused some dramatic scenes at a Danish zoo when they snatched a baby chick which appeared to have been abandoned by its parents. The pair quickly stepped in when they saw the little penguin alone and seemingly neglected at the enclosure in Odense Zoo. READ MORE: Twitter transforms Trump into penguin in latest social media challenge (PHOTOS) ...

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Indian boy with 24 fingers & toes ‘risks being sacrificed by his own family’, parents say

The parents of a 12-year-old born with 12 fingers and 12 toes have appealed to police to protect the boy from being sacrificed by his own greedy relatives. According to Asian news agency ANI, the boy – named Shivanandan, from the village of Gurri in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district – is facing life threats by his very own family because ...

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German children are drowning because parents are obsessed with smartphones, lifeguards warn

German lifeguards have said that a recent spate of child drownings is down to the inattentiveness of parents who are obsessed with their smartphones. The German Lifeguard Association (DLRG), an organization with a 40,000-strong membership, said that among the 279 people who have drowned in the country so far this year, 20 were children under the age of 15. Some ...

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Jeff Bezos' parents may be ridiculously rich on 12,000,000% return on early Amazon investment

A $ 250,000 investment made in 1995 could turn Jackie and Mike Bezos, the Amazon founder’s parents, into the most successful venture capitalists alive, assuming they held onto their early investment. Two decades ago, Jeff Bezos’ parents believed in their son and invested $ 245,573 into his new online retail platform, according to a late 90’s prospectus first seen by ...

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When parents quarrel: Brussels levies Ukrainian metals imports amid EU-US trade spat

Ukrainian metal imports have fallen victim to a trade war between the United States and the European Union. The country has been financially dependent on EU and US since the Maidan revolution of 2014. On Wednesday, the EU announced provisional safeguard measures concerning imports of a number of steel products that kicked off on Thursday. It came as a retaliation ...

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Parents could get mobile location data of missing kids under new Russian bill

The search for missing children in Russia could be sped up if a new draft bill, which allows for location data from mobile phones to be given to parents and rescue services, passes in the State Duma. Deputy Duma Speaker and MP Irina Yarovaya, representing the majority party United Russia, has drafted a bill allowing rescue services to receive mobile ...

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Poll: Majority side with Trump on immigration, blame parents for detention crisis

A new Rasmussen poll has found that a majority of Americans side with President Donald Trump, and blame illegal immigrant parents for the current child detention crisis at the Mexican border. According to the poll, 54 percent of likely voters said that the parents of detained children are to blame for knowingly breaking the law in the first place. Only ...

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Three people in a polyamorous relationship recognized as legal parents of a child in Canada

A Canadian court has declared two men in a polyamorous relationship with a woman as legal parents of a child in the first such case in the country’s history. The Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court came up with a ruling in April, but it was only publicly announced last week. Canadian law recognizes polyamorous relationships, but bars bigamy and polygamy, ...

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