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Actor Ving Rhames held at gunpoint by Santa Monica police over ‘large black man’ call

‘Mission Impossible’ actor Ving Rhames claims he was held at gunpoint by police officers after a neighbor reported seeing a “large black man” at his home in Santa Monica. “I open the door [and] there’s a red dot pointed at my face from a 9mm, and they say, ‘Put up your hands!’” Rhames told Sirius XM, recalling the incident that ...

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MPs roar with laughter over village names ‘Wise Vagina’ & ‘Testicles are Sad’

Proceedings within Ghana’s parliament took on the air of a boisterous school classroom when politicians exploded with laughter over bizarre place names like the village ‘Vagina is Wise’. The unusually titled settlements came up for discussion in a debate about the country’s power capabilities. But MPs became sidetracked when John Frimpong Osei, of the New Patriotic Party, began listing off ...

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‘Blood moon’ takes over night sky in longest lunar eclipse of the century (WATCH LIVE)

Published time: 27 Jul, 2018 18:19 Edited time: 27 Jul, 2018 19:09 People in many countries turn their eyes to the sky on Friday night to see the crimson Moon as our planet’s satellite moves into the Earth’s shadow in the longest lunar eclipse of the century, lasting over 100 minutes. The total eclipse will continue for 1 hour, 42 ...

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Trump hits back at Cohen and ‘fake news’ over Tower meeting allegations

The US president has lashed out at his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, after the latter claimed that Donald Trump knew in advance about a meeting between his son and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in 2016. “NO,” Trump tweeted Friday morning. “I did NOT know of the meeting with my son, Don jr. Sounds to me like someone ...

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‘We need new EU Commission’: Hungarian PM launches scathing attack over migration policy

In another sign of discord over migration inside the EU, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for a new commission that can hammer out a practical solution to the crisis, saying the current one has “no significance.” Orban took a swipe at the executive body for condemning those countries which insist they are protecting their borders from migrants. He ...

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Facebook finally hands over leave campaign Brexit ads

The UK parliament has provided another telling glimpse behind the curtain of Facebook’s unregulated ad platform by publishing data on scores of pro-Brexit adverts which it distributed to UK voters during the 2016 referendum on European Union membership. The ads were run on behalf of several vote leave campaigns who paid a third company to use Facebook’s ad targeting tools. ...

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Republicans move to impeach Deputy AG Rosenstein over Russiagate docs

A group of Republican congressmen have introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is responsible for overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing ‘Russiagate’ investigation. Eleven House Republicans, led by Rep. Mark Meadows (North Carolina) and Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio), submitted the resolution on Wednesday, after meeting with department of justice officials. The move comes after months of ...

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'Wrecking ball' Trump rolls over European 'surrender monkeys' on trade – Max Keiser

Brussels has caved in to US pressure by agreeing to buy more American liquefied natural gas (LNG) and certain food items in return for eliminating tariffs on EU steel and aluminum, says Max Keiser, host of RT’s Keiser Report. In May, the White House slapped hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from European countries. The EU responded with three ...

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Trump delays second Putin summit for 2019 over 'Russia witch hunt' – Bolton

US President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the next meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin until sometime in 2019, after the ‘Russia witch hunt’ ends, national security adviser John Bolton said. “The president believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over, so we’ve agreed that it will be ...

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Former Ukrainian DM charged with inciting terrorism over calls to bomb Russian trains

Russian investigators have charged former Ukrainian Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko with inciting terrorist activities after he urged his supporters to bomb Russian trains during a televised interview in 2014. The press service of the Russian Investigative Committee – the federal agency dealing with especially important crime – reported on Wednesday that a new criminal case had been launched. Under Russian ...

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