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‘McCarthyite’ Tories ask universities to hand over Brexit teaching materials

A bizarre letter issued to all British universities by the government whip has sparked a backlash among top academics. The correspondence called on all institutions to name their “European affairs” professors and hand over course materials about Brexit. Chris Heaton-Harris, government whip and MP for Davenry, also asked universities to send links to online lectures so that the government could ...

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US, Japan & S. Korea begin 2-day missile ‘tracking’ drills over Korean Peninsula

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 05:16 The US, South Korea and Japan have kick-started a two-day missile warning drills over the Korean Peninsula to practice the cross-navy capabilities in detecting and tracking any potential North Korean ballistic missiles, South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said. Read more The two-day Missile Warning Exercise which is taking place Tuesday and Wednesday off ...

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‘Underwear bomber’ sues DOJ over treatment in federal prison

A convicted jihadist terrorist is suing the US government for violating his Constitutional rights by denying him religious freedom and holding him in solitary. The Nigerian national is serving four life terms for trying to blow up an airplane in 2009. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, dubbed the “underwear bomber” because he tried to detonate explosives concealed in his underpants, alleges he ...

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British military detectives fly to Kabul over alleged SAS killings – report

Detectives from the UK military police have reportedly visited Afghanistan to interview a key witness in an ongoing investigation into alleged killings of local civilians by Britain’s elite Special Air Service (SAS). The interview was part of Operation Northmoor, a classified Royal Military Police (RMP) investigation into reports that SAS operatives were killing unarmed civilians during night raids in Afghanistan, ...

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N. Italy referenda: Richest regions of Veneto & Lombardy go to polls over autonomy

Veneto and Lombardy, the two wealthiest regions of Italy, are voting today in a bid for greater autonomy from the center. While non-binding, the twin referenda send a strong message to Rome after the landmark independence vote in Catalonia. Veneto and Lombardy voters are to decide on Sunday whether to grant regional authorities more control over their taxes, administration, immigration ...

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Banged up for a ‘what’s up?’: Israelis arrest Palestinian man over mistranslated FB greeting

Published time: 22 Oct, 2017 07:16 An erroneous automatic translation has triggered Israeli police in the West Bank, leading them to believe that an innocuous Facebook greeting written in Arabic by a Palestinian man was a call to launch an attack. The man was briefly arrested. The bizarre incident occurred last week in the West Bank settlement of Beitar Ilit, ...

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Bomb squad called to Sellafield nuclear plant over solvent canister fears

Published time: 21 Oct, 2017 21:10 Bomb disposal experts were called to Britain’s Sellafield nuclear power plant after concerns arose over the stability of a number of canisters of solvent. Sellafield Ltd, the company responsible for the running of the Cumbria plant, said that an area of the site was closed off after staff feared the canisters, which had been ...

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‘Burqa ban’: Vienna police descend on Lego store over face-covered Red Ninja

Published time: 21 Oct, 2017 13:36 Officers flocked to a Lego store in Vienna responding to a report of a violation of the law forbidding full face veils. Over the past days, it also had police approaching a man in a shark suit and the Austrian parliament’s mascot. The incident in the Austrian capital happened on Friday after law enforcement ...

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‘Drugged & tortured:’ Mental health center employees arrested over extreme child abuse

Published time: 21 Oct, 2017 02:05 Edited time: 21 Oct, 2017 02:07 Ten employees of a state-run mental facility in Colombia have been charged with torture for allegedly subjecting children in their care to a “military doctrine” that involved stuffing minors with drugs, tying them to beds and other extreme punishments. Read more At least 11 children were reportedly subjected ...

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Bitcoin surges to over $6,000 to set new record for 2 weeks a in row

Published time: 20 Oct, 2017 23:24 The world’s most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, has topped another threshold, reaching $ 6,031 on Friday. It comes less than a week after the cryptocurrency smashed the $ 5,000 benchmark. Just two days before climbing to the new high, Bitcoin registered its largest one-day drop in a month, plummeting by more than 8 percent ...

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