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Australian ambassador to US red-faced over ‘mateship’ campaign featuring only rich white men

Australian Ambassador to the US Joe Hockey once said that the “age of entitlement is over” – but not for the 15 rich white men he selected to be patrons of a ‘mateship’ campaign to celebrate to promote US-Australian relations. The list, which failed to include any women or people of color, has been met with ire online; forcing the ...

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Man who attacked teen over MAGA hat arrested for theft

A 30-year-old Texas man has been arrested for stealing a teenager’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat at a fast food restaurant. A viral video shows the man taking the hat and throwing a drink in the teen’s face. The drama unfolded in a Whataburger fast food outlet in San Antonio on Tuesday. A man, identified afterward as Kino Jimenez, apparently ...

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Patriotic’ agent dumps James Woods on Independence Day over apparent political differences

Actor James Woods says he was dumped as a client by his “political liberal” agent in an email on Independence Day, which explained that the agent was “feeling patriotic.” Woods, 71, made the announcement on Twitter and included screenshots of the email correspondence between him and agent Ken Kaplan over the July-4 holiday. Kaplan, whose clients also include Kristen Stewart ...

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Turkey to hit back if US introduces sanctions over S-400 deal with Russia – FM

Ankara will fire back if the US imposes sanctions over the purchase of S-400 air defense systems from Russia, Turkey’s Foreign Minister reiterated, adding he hopes Washington is wise enough not to spoil ties with its NATO ally. Moscow and Ankara inked a $ 2.5-billion deal on the procurement of Russia’s S-400 Triumph (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler) in December ...

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Russian court fines Radio Liberty over violation of Foreign Agents Law

A magistrate in Moscow has imposed a $ 1600 fine on US-funded media outlet, Radio Liberty, over violation of the law on ‘foreign agents’ in mass media, in particular over the failure to present a report about its activities. “The magistrate of the Tverskoy District Court has found the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  guilty of a civil offence and ordered ...

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European MEPs vote to reopen copyright debate over ‘censorship’ controversy

A 318-278 majority of MEPs in the European Parliament has voted to reopen debate around a controversial digital copyright reform proposal — meaning it will now face further debate and scrutiny in the parliament, rather than be fast-tracked towards becoming law via the standard EU trilogue negotiation process. Crucially MEPs will have the chance to amend the controversial proposals. Last ...

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San Diego Air Museum’s Independence Day post sparks Twitterstorm over Su-25s smoking Russian colors

A controversy has unfolded on Twitter after San Diego Air and Space Museum celebrated Independence Day by posting a jubilant image of Soviet-made Su-25 jets trailing smoke in the colors of the Russian flag. The Fourth of July has probably been quite a day for San Diego’s Air and Space Museum and Education Center (SDASM), which encouraged visitors to come ...

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‘How’s independence working out?’ UK newspaper faces Twitter wrath over 4th of July article

The UK’s Independent newspaper got more than it bargained for when it published an article sarcastically asking how independence from the former British Empire was working out for Americans — on the 4th of July. The article criticized the “bulbous shape” of US President Donald Trump, the “abysmally sycophantic shape” of both houses of Congress and the “atrophied state” of ...

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‘Calm down, it’s a friggin’ movie’: Scarlett Johansson under fire over trans man prostitution role

Scarlett Johansson is under fire again, this time for her new role as a transgender man. It comes a year after she was accused of whitewashing an Asian character in a movie with the same director. The US actress will team up again with director Rupert Sanders for the movie ‘Rub & Tug,’ which is expected to center on Pittsburgh ...

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‘Second Civil War Letters’ take over Twitter

My dearest Sarah, wars are never civil and hardly a laughing matter, but that has not stopped many on Twitter from role-playing a Second Civil War fantasy, 155 years to the day since the Battle of Gettysburg. Pray for us. A century and a half after more than 600,000 perished in a war between the Union and the Confederacy, Americans ...

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