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9 journalists injured by Israeli gunfire in Gaza ‘massacre’, total now over 20

At least nine journalists have been injured reporting from Gaza during Monday’s “massacre,” bringing the total number of reporters wounded by IDF gunfire so far to more than 20, in addition to two fatalities. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) list eight journalists who were injured while covering Monday’s protest in Gaza during the US embassy inauguration in Jerusalem. It ...

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Zuckerberg again snubs UK parliament over call to testify

Facebook has once again eschewed a direct request from the UK parliament for its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to testify to a committee investigating online disinformation — without rustling up so much as a fig-leaf-sized excuse to explain why the founder of one of the world’s most used technology platforms can’t squeeze a video call into his busy schedule and spare ...

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‘Ultimately done damage’: Haspel condemns CIA torture in attempt to win over Democrats

Gina Haspel, US President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next CIA director, has penned a letter admitting that the spy agency should not have carried out the post-9/11 torture and detention program. It is a turnaround for Haspel, who refused to take that stance at her public confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week. In the letter, ...

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North Korea cancels talks with South, threatens to call off US talks over military drills – reports

North Korea has canceled a summit with South Korea and has threatened to call off a summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un over American military drills with South Korea, according to South Korean media reports. Pyongyang has canceled talks with Seoul due to ongoing Max Thunder military exercises between the South and the US, Yonhap news agency cited ...

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‘Hallmark of police state’: Australian PM slammed over move to have random ID checks at airports

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to counter terrorism by conducting random ID checks at airports. The move has been slammed by political opponents and social media users as “slow march of authoritarianism”. Turnbull unveiled a package of new security measures at Melbourne Airport, the second biggest in Australia, on Tuesday. “We’re providing additional resources to the Australian Federal Police ...

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Chinese coffee startup to sue Starbucks over market monopoly

China’s new coffee brand, Luckin Coffee, has accused Starbucks of monopolizing the market. It said the US firm has been pushing out other coffee shops and pressuring industry suppliers. In an open letter to Starbucks, the company pointed out that the Seattle-based coffee chain has signed exclusive contracts with many property owners in China. The startup argued that many of ...

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Kiev recalls consul from Germany over claims he hailed Nazis, denied Holocaust, received Hitler cake

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has recalled its consul to Hamburg, Germany for disciplinary action after a popular vlogger accused him of being a Holocaust-denying Nazi sympathizer. Vasil Marushchinets was recalled to Kiev for an investigation into his friends-only posts on Facebook. He allegedly hailed Nazi policies and denied that the regime slaughtered millions of people in death camps. It is ...

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Turkey recalls ambassadors from US, Israel after over 50 Palestinians killed in Gaza

Ankara has recalled its ambassadors from both Washington and Tel Aviv “for consultations,” the Turkish government has confirmed. The Turkish government also declared three days of mourning on Monday for over 50 Palestinians killed on the Israel-Gaza border.  Read more Israeli security forces opened fire on demonstrators gathering along the border fence to protest the relocation of the US embassy ...

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‘This is state terror’: Foes & allies criticize Israel over use of force in wake of embassy move

Russia, France, and the UK have expressed consternation over the legality of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem, and Israel’s heavy-handed response to the clashes it has provoked, which has reportedly caused over 50 deaths. “We have publicly criticized the move multiple times,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “International resolutions declare that the status of Jerusalem – one of ...

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Russian 'bitcoin fraud' suspect held in Greece says prison security beefed up over ‘kill order’

Alleged bitcoin “crime mastermind” Aleksandr Vinnik, wanted in the US, has confirmed that he survived a murder attempt while in prison, adding that since then Greek authorities have beefed up security to protect him. Washington accuses Vinnik of laundering $ 4 billion with the help of the BTC-e bitcoin trading platform. The Russian denies any wrongdoing. Speaking to RIA Novosti ...

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