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Moment of silence for ‘terrorists’? Outrage & misreporting as NY school honors Gaza victims

Some Jewish parents were outraged after a New York school decided to hold a minute of silence for the Palestinian protesters shot and killed by Israeli defense forces last week. Students at Beacon High School were asked to pause for one minute to pay tribute to the victims of the violence, but some parents were angered by the school’s decision ...

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‘Outrage machine’ in high gear after tweet about childless women sparks liberal anger

After posting a tweet questioning the sanity of childless women, outspoken black conservative commentator Candace Owens has blasted the “liberal outrage machine” for its furious response. Owens tweeted on Thursday about a conversation she had with a colleague, who speculated that not having children might be mentally unhealthy for women, telling her: “If you don’t use your eggs they scramble.” ...

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France drops plan to set age of sexual consent at 15, triggering outrage & confusion

The government’s decision to back out of plans to set the minimum age of sexual consent at 15 has sparked a massive backlash in France, with critics saying the alternative wording is only adding more confusion. The proposed legislation was introduced, to much fanfare, by Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa in March in the aftermath of a case which saw a ...

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Public outrage as top Baltimore cop charged with tax evasion

The resignation of the Baltimore Police Commissioner, charged by federal prosecutors for failing to file federal tax returns, has sparked fierce public debate over how the issue has been handled and the mayor’s credibility. The 53-year-old commissioner, Darryl De Sousa, left the office after a mere four months into the job. De Sousa was suspended last Friday after a federal ...

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Outrage as giant blue penis painted along building in Sweden (PHOTOS)

A giant penis in the colors of Sweden’s national flag which was, em, erected on the side of a five-storey building in central Stockholm is to be erased after shocked residents demanded it’s removal. The artist behind the giant phallic mural, Carolina Falkholt, said she hoped it would encourage passersby, especially those shocked or repulsed, to think about why they ...

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Austrian migrant play dubbed 'propaganda,' canceled after outrage

An Austrian play about two asylum seekers – a money-motivated man “from Africa” who blundered into an ISIS trap, and an educated Syrian, who flees war – was canceled in Vienna after it was dubbed “the stupidest propaganda.” The controversial play ‘Welt in Bewegung’ (‘World in Flux’) was due to premiere publicly at the Ethnology Museum (Weltmuseum) in the Austrian ...

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Child marriage brochure prompts outrage in Sweden

A Swedish leaflet about child marriage has been withdrawn after it sparked outrage. The document outlines the illegality of underage marriage in Sweden, but many assumed it was condoning it instead. The brochure was produced by Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) and aimed at people arriving in the country. Entitled, ‘Information for those married to a child,’ ...

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Outrage as aging rock star insults Russians in Facebook post

After Russian rock legend Andrey Makarevich said that Russians are turning into “mean idiots,” fellow rockers, politicians, and diplomats replied with indignation and demands to stop publicly insulting the nation. On Monday, shortly after the Russian presidential election, Andrey Makarevich, the 64-year-old frontman of rock band Mashina Vremeni, wrote on Facebook that he was shocked by how much US citizens ...

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Daily Mail’s ‘racism’ against Skepta, Wiley & grime music causes Twitter outrage

A UK radio DJ has slammed the Daily Mail after it focused on the criminal history of black musicians interviewed for a spread on grime music. The paper is now being torn to shreds on Twitter, with users branding it racist. Meet the “two faces of grime (that’s British rap with violence and expletives),” said the headline introducing the spread, ...

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Right-wing outrage as Twitter locks down accounts in ‘bot purge’

Conservative Twitter users are complaining of having their accounts locked in a reported “purge” of right-wing voices on the social media platform. The move, labelled an attempt at “mass censorship” by critics, is thought to be an attempt to rid the platform of automated accounts – or ‘bots’ – set up to artificially amplify conservative campaigns online. Twitter is yet ...

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