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‘Dark grey smoke started coming out’: PHOTOS show burned iPhone ‘after OS update’

An iPhone X was left melted, charred and cracked after it reportedly exploded following an operating system update. Hair-raising photos of the damaged device were shared on social media. In a shocking Twitter post, Rahel Mohamad said he was simply updating his iPhone X to the latest system, iOS 12.1, when the appalling incident occurred. He shared some alarming photos ...

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Soros-funded uni campus for US programs ‘forced out’ of Hungary, opening in Vienna

The George Soros-funded Central European University is set to flee Budapest for Vienna in the latest round of a long-running ideological battle between the billionaire media magnate and Viktor Orban’s conservative government. CEU, which had previously pledged to remain operational in Budapest, is set to open a new Vienna campus which will offer US-accredited degrees from 2019, claiming a new ...

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Jack Dorsey admits Twitter hasn’t ‘figured out’ approach to fake news

Jack Dorsey is hedging his bets. In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, the beard-rocking CEO said Twitter is reluctant to commit to a timetable for enacting policies aimed at curbing heated political rhetoric on the site. The executive’s lukewarm comments reflect an embattled social network that has been the brunt of criticism from both sides of the political divide. ...

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‘How’s independence working out?’ UK newspaper faces Twitter wrath over 4th of July article

The UK’s Independent newspaper got more than it bargained for when it published an article sarcastically asking how independence from the former British Empire was working out for Americans — on the 4th of July. The article criticized the “bulbous shape” of US President Donald Trump, the “abysmally sycophantic shape” of both houses of Congress and the “atrophied state” of ...

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Google Calendar gets an ‘Out of Office’ mode

Google Calendar is the latest Google app to get an update focused on improving users’ “digital wellbeing.” The company announced today it’s rolling out a new “Out of Office” feature in Google Calendar, alongside a setting for customizable working hours. The working hours signal to others when you’re unavailable, and allows Google Calendar to automatically decline meetings on your behalf ...

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Ex-Trump campaign figure tells black Democrat strategist he is ‘out of his cotton-picking mind’

In a heated debate over immigration, David Bossie, the former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump, told Democratic strategist Joel Payne, a person of color, that he is “out of [his] cotton-picking mind.” The comment by Bossie, who currently heads Citizens United, came amid a tense exchange on Fox & Friends with Payne about the controversies surrounding US President Donald ...

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Tesla car catches fire ‘out of the blue’ in California traffic (VIDEO)

A Tesla vehicle caught fire, apparently “out of the blue,” while sitting in California traffic. Video of the incident has been shared by US actress Mary McCormack whose husband was in the electric car at the time. McCormack said her husband was in traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard when the vehicle suddenly caught fire. There was “no accident” and the ...

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Dutch FM ‘can’t rule out’ Kiev’s liability in downing of MH17 as it didn’t close airspace

The Netherlands cannot exclude Ukraine’s liability in the downing of flight MH17, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said on Thursday amid the ongoing probe, local media reports Blok said that although there was no “hard legal ground” to hold Ukraine responsible for the tragedy, he could not “rule out anything.” The question as to why Ukraine was not held responsible ...

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‘Nazi scum get out’: Milo Yiannopoulos chased out of NYC pub by socialists, bloggers (VIDEO)

Conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos was hounded out of a Manhattan pub on Sunday by a group of political activists and reporters. Video of the incident shows the left-leaning mob shouting: “Nazi scum get out” at Yiannopoulos. According to reports, Yiannopoulos was patronizing an unnamed Manhattan pub that was also hosting a group of Democratic Socialists, who quickly spotted the controversial ...

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Zero-carbon fuel ‘out of thin air’? Nanotube membrane start-up thinks big

Alumni from MIT and Yale universities have perfected nanotube technology which could eventually allow humans to 3d-print pretty much anything we desire, including creating carbon-free fuel “out of thin air.” “This technology gives us a level of control over the material world that we’ve never had before,” said Mattershift Founder and CEO Dr. Rob McGinnis, in a press release. “For example, ...

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