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EU Parliament greenlights move to trigger ‘nuclear option’ Article 7 against Hungary

The European Parliament has voted in favor of triggering Article 7 that would allow the EU implement punitive measures against Hungary. It’s claimed that Budapest has repeatedly flouted democratic rules. Hungary, led by the right-wing government of Viktor Orban, had been repeatedly slammed by Brussels for its treatment of migrants and minorities, and the purported abuse of the law and ...

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With Cloud Filestore, the Google Cloud gets a new storage option

Google is giving developers a new storage option in its cloud. Cloud Filestore, which will launch into beta next month, essentially offers a fully managed network attached storage (NAS) service in the cloud. This means that companies can now easily run applications that need a traditional file system interface on the Google Cloud Platform. Traditionally, developers who wanted access to ...

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Saudi Arabia invites Russia to join OPEC as observer, Moscow says it’s ‘an option’

Riyadh has invited Moscow to join OPEC as an observer, the Saudi energy minister says. The announcement follows an agreement between OPEC and non-members led by Russia to increase crude oil output by a million barrels per day. Read more The announcement was made on Saturday during the 4th OPEC and non-OPEC ministerial meeting in Vienna. “We’ve invited Russia to ...

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Get out of jail card: Russia plans penal work option for prisoners with non-felony convictions

The Russian government is considering legislation which will allow those convicted of offences which do not constitute a felony to work instead of serving out their sentence in prison. The bill, that has been introduced in the State Duma, seeks to reduce the minimal term after which inmates can be let out early to do penal work. Under the current ...

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New Tesla Roadster could have rocket engines option – Musk

Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire owner of SpaceX and Tesla, can’t seem to resist the urge to slap rocket engines on things. He has now hinted at attaching them to the new car he’s building, and nobody can tell if it’s a joke. In a tweet, Musk has described a “SpaceX option” for the new Tesla Roadster. It will supposedly ...

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Facebook adds option to report conversations in Messenger following widespread criticism

In reaction to criticism around the use of Messenger in some countries worldwide, particularly Myanmar, Facebook has introduced new tools that it allow users of the app to report conversations that violate its community standards. A new tab inside the Messenger app lets users flag messages under a range of categories that include harassment, hate speech and suicide. The claim ...

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China holding Treasuries ‘nuclear option’ open in trade war with US

Beijing is by far the largest holder of US Treasury bills, meaning it can affect their price and yield. It could be China’s trump card in the trade war with Donald Trump. As of January 2018, China held $ 1.168 trillion in American debt, more than a $ 100 billion increase since the same time last year, but down about ...

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Google adds a wheelchair-accessible option for transit maps

Google Maps has a pretty solid set of data for taking transit from here to there, but anyone with a physical disability knows it isn’t quite that simple. Some stations may be wheelchair-unfriendly, have out-of-service elevators, that kind of thing. A new update to the service adds an option for you to specify a wheelchair-accessible route — though that’s just ...

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Every Brexit option will hurt Britain, leaked govt report reveals

A leaked government analysis on the impact of leaving the EU has detailed how Britain’s economy will be worse off after Brexit – no matter what trade deal is struck with the bloc. The report, ‘EU Exit Analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing’, outlines three of the most likely scenarios, and brings only bad news for Britain. Growth for the UK ...

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‘No other option’: Ankara will carry out military op in Syria’s Afrin, defense minister says

Ankara has no option but to carry out a military op in the Syrian enclave of Afrin, Turkey’s defense minister said. The operation has ‘de facto started’ with cross-border shelling, he added. Turkey would continue discussing its operation in Afrin with Russia, Nurettin Canikli said on Friday in  an interview with broadcaster AHaber. Read more The Turkish government considers Kurdish ...

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