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Russian opinions of US relations improve after Helsinki summit, poll shows

The recent Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki has brought a slight improvement in the average Russians’ opinion on the current level of Russia-US relations, but its overall level remains much lower than just a year ago. In a new survey, conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion agency VTSIOM, researchers asked respondents to estimate the current level of Russia-US relations on ...

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‘Nobody goes for vegetables’: KFC’s ‘vegetarian chicken’ polarizes opinions (POLL)

The company’s entire business model rests on the greasy goodness of fried chicken, but American franchise KFC is preparing to ditch the fowl in favor of a vegetarian option. Recently, the purveyor of “finger lickin’ good” southern fried chicken announced that it is working on a vegetarian-friendly chicken alternative for its meals. According to KFC, the recipe won’t be ready ...

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'It's not a theater': Opinions split on whether Trump has skills to pull off a deal with Kim

After the historic news of imminent Trump-Kim talks, some in the US are casting doubts that the president, with his reality TV skills, is able to pull off diplomacy talks, while Trump’s team say they won’t turn into “theater.” President Donald Trump accepted an invitation to meet with Kim Jong-un, after the latter agreed to halt further nuclear tests, and ...

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‘It’s just bad PR’: Meet Jerusalem's new UK-born deputy mayor and her controversial opinions

Jerusalem’s new UK-born deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum says Israel has an issue with bad PR – and hasn’t done anything to deserve its bad reputation. She is the first British citizen to hold a senior political role in Israel. So who is Fleur Hassan-Nahoum? She is the new deputy mayor of Jerusalem who believes that Israel’s negative global perception is ...

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Alexa will have her own opinions on beer, TV shows and more

Alexa is starting to think for herself. The personal assistant that’s built into Amazon devices like Echo smart speakers and Fire TV may better distinguish itself from competitors like Google Assistant in the future by offering up not just facts or recommendations, but by having her own opinions on things that weren’t explicitly added to her programming. This will come ...

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New Year, old faces: Bad-penny Blair is back offering opinions no one asked for

Britain’s never-truly-gone former Prime Minister Tony Blair has had a busy new year period, filling the void by offering opinions no one wants. Brexit, immigration, ignoring democracy – he’s got a lot to say. With most politicians up to god knows what in the holiday period (we’ll probably find out in the tabloids soon enough) Blair has seen an opportunity ...

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