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Only yes means yes: Spain promises new sexual consent law

Spain’s socialist government has vowed to introduce a new ‘only yes means yes’ sexual consent law to remove any ambiguities in rape cases following outrage over the verdict in the recent ‘La Manada’ gang rape case. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told parliament that under the new measure sex without explicit consent would constitute rape. “To be clear, ladies and ...

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Only in Russia: New armored vehicle airdropped WITH crew during 'historic' drills (PHOTOS)

The Russian military has successfully tested a new airmobile armored personnel carrier during large-scale drills in central Russia. The APC was parachuted with a crew onboard – a daring technique used only by Russian troops. Over 200 armored vehicles and some 2,500 servicemen took part in the joint drills of Transport Aviation and Airborne Troops, which concluded on Friday. One ...

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‘They only kicked out black people’: Indianapolis man told to leave his own pool ( VIDEOS)

One man’s relaxing afternoon at his building’s pool spiralled into a tense standoff as he was told to leave in what appears to a racially profiled incident. Shayne Holland was sitting by the pool at the River Crossing at Keystone apartment complex when an off-duty Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer who was working as a security guard asked if he ...

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Trump jokes NATO chief is ‘only one’ who likes him at bloc’s summit… but he’s OK with it

US President has undoubtedly challenged America’s allies with his latest moves, including an ongoing trade war. As the NATO summit kicked off, Trump joked that the only one who really likes him in the bloc now is its chief. “Because of me they’ve [NATO] raised about $ 40 billion over the last year,” the US leader told journalists standing next ...

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Australian ambassador to US red-faced over ‘mateship’ campaign featuring only rich white men

Australian Ambassador to the US Joe Hockey once said that the “age of entitlement is over” – but not for the 15 rich white men he selected to be patrons of a ‘mateship’ campaign to celebrate to promote US-Australian relations. The list, which failed to include any women or people of color, has been met with ire online; forcing the ...

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Iran will import goods only from countries that buy its oil – MP

The Energy Committee of Iran has announced that Tehran will buy goods only from those nations which purchase Iranian oil. This follows the US demand from its allies to stop buying Iranian crude. “We will carry out barter exchange of oil and goods, which means the purchase of goods will depend on the sale of oil,” representative of Iran’s Energy ...

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Russia will launch ‘alternative internet’ only in worst-case scenario – Foreign Ministry

A senior Russian diplomat has told reporters that the country has everything to launch its own independent internet, but added that this would be done only if things go completely sour due to the efforts of “Western partners”. “There are technical, financial, intellectual and all the rest necessary resources for this, but I don’t think that anyone really wants this,” ...

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‘NGO ships will only see Italy on postcards’: Italy's Salvini vows to keep ports closed all summer

No NGO rescue ship carrying migrants will be allowed to dock in an Italian port, the country’s interior minister Matteo Salvini has said, following a unanimous decision by EU leaders to review migration policy. Commenting on the outcome of almost 10 hours of tense discussion between he 28 European leaders on the pressing issue of migration, Salvini said the agreement ...

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UF-oh no? We may be the only intelligent life out there, study finds

If intelligent life is so likely to exist elsewhere in the universe, why haven’t we found it? Well, the chances of us coming across extraterrestrials are not looking good, according to a new study. Scientists from the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University have revealed that we are probably the only advanced civilization out there, although they can’t say ...

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‘Only the paranoid survive’: Musk hints at sabotage as Tesla plant rattled by fire

A fire that has briefly disrupted operations at a Tesla plant in Fremont, California, has prompted the car-maker’s CEO Elon Musk to send a cryptic message, asking staff to be vigilant, in light of “another strange incident.” The internal email from Musk, first reported by CNBC, revealed that a “small” fire broke out at a car body production line in ...

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