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German MPs want Moscow back in G8, say peace in Europe possible ‘only with Russia’

The West should resume meaningful dialog with Moscow on all major international issues, and Russia should be invited to return to the G7, German opposition lawmakers say. “If the West seriously intends to engage in a constructive dialog with Russia, it would be the right moment to do it now,” the head of the parliamentary faction of the Left Party, ...

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TV still main source of news for Russians, but only half believe it

The large majority of Russians says they prefer to get domestic and international news from television broadcasts, but only half see television as their most trusted news source. A poll conducted by independent public opinion research center Levada in late March this year showed that 85 percent of the Russian population used television as their primary source of news, down ...

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The only right way is his way? RT scrutinizes the legality of Trump’s Syria missile strike (VIDEO)

Published time: 15 Apr, 2018 16:00 Edited time: 15 Apr, 2018 16:35 What happens when the UN is brushed aside, congressional approval is missing, and your closest allies try to stay away? A missile strike. RT takes a closer look at the (il)legality of Trump’s bombing of Syria. RT correspondent Igor Zhdanov scrutinized the inconvenient details surrounding the latest missile ...

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‘Not only Pompeo thinks US is exceptional, this is the air Americans breathe’ – Peter Kuznick

We’ve already heard about US exceptionalism from Albright, Obama, and Clinton, but we are no longer in the 1990s, we are in a multipolar world, says Peter Kuznick, professor of history at American University. Donald Trump’s new pick for America’s top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, has gone through the required Senate grilling while outlining his view of US foreign policy.He explained ...

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US carrier group to reach Persian Gulf only by May – Russian MoD

The US carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman is expected to reach the Persian Gulf in May, a Russian top brass officer said, adding such a deployment was an “established practice” of the US Navy. “We are aware that the US carrier group led by the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and escort ...

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US only Security Council member to block UN inquiry into Gaza violence

The US was the only UN Security Council member to reject a call by the 14 other countries to independently probe the Gaza clashes, in which dozens of Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli forces. Read more For the second week in a row, the US has vetoed a UN Security Council (UNSC) statement calling on Secretary General Antonio Guterres ...

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Russia says it received only one substantive answer from OPCW over Skripal case

Russia’s Permanent Representation to the OPCW says it has received only one substantive answer from the chemical weapons watchdog regarding the probe into the poisoning of the former Russian double agent and his daughter. “Last night, the OPCW Technical Secretariat handed them [answers] over to the [Russian] permanent representatives [to the OPCW], we are examining them,” the diplomatic mission confirmed ...

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‘It’s only polite to reciprocate’: Beijing slams new US tariffs on $50bn worth of Chinese goods

After the US unveiled a preliminary list of imports from China that will be hit by the tariff hikes ordered by President Trump last month, Beijing has vowed to take retaliatory measures of “equal scale and strength.” “The Chinese side strongly condemns and firmly opposes the unfounded Section 301 investigation and the proposed list of products and tariff increases based ...

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‘Russia has lots of tentacles’: US says it needed no proof, only UK’s word to expel diplomats

Russia must confess to the Salisbury ‘chemical attack’ in order to mend relations with the US and NATO, said the US State Department, adding that the only evidence the US needs for Moscow’s culpability was the word of its UK ally. “If Russia wants to improve relations, it needs to first acknowledge its responsibility for this attack and cease its ...

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Scale of anti-Russia frenzy proves Skripal case was only pretext – Russia’s US embassy

The smoothly coordinated and broad effort that led to the biggest collective expulsion of Russian diplomats in history was likely premeditated, the Russian ambassador to the US has said. The Salisbury incident was just a trigger. Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, has his doubts about Washington’s justification behind the expulsion of dozens of the Russian diplomatic staff. The ...

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