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Russian ombudsman wants nationwide block on AliExpress over fears for kids’ health

The Russian ombudsman for children’s rights has proposed developing a procedure for blocking AliExpress and similar e-trading platforms, as they can bypass regulations to sell goods that are dangerous for children. Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova sent a letter containing this proposal to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika in late September, Kommersant daily reported on Thursday. READ MORE: Duma committee approves draft law ...

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Over 700 children fell out of windows to their deaths this year, ombudsman claims

Russian ombudsman for children’s rights has revealed shocking statistics of fatal incidents involving children and proposed to develop a nationwide program to boost children’s safety in public places. Read more At the Monday press-conference summing up the results of the nationwide Childhood Safety campaign, ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova said that 492 children died in accidents during the summer vacations this year, ...

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Russian Human Rights ombudsman seeks Trump’s pardon for jailed pilot Yaroshenko

Russian ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova has addressed US President Donald Trump in a letter asking him to pardon Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving a 20-year sentence as a result of a DEA sting operation. Moskalkova personally announced the move at the Thursday meeting with students and professors of the Kaluga University. The ombudsman added that she had already received ...

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At least 30 Russian political prisoners held in foreign nations, ombudsman claims

At least 30 Russian citizens are currently in custody in foreign nations, either serving sentences for their political beliefs or awaiting trial on political charges, Russia’s human rights commissioner has told reporters. “In my view there are about 30 prisoners of conscience among Russian citizens who are currently abroad, this is the very modest estimation. We understand that these people ...

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Russian ombudsman urges legislative changes to allow for prisoner swaps with Ukraine

The Russian Commissioner for Human Rights, Tatyana Moskalkova, has said that Russia and Ukraine must sign a separate treaty or make some changes in their laws that would allow mutual exchange of prisoners between the two nations. Speaking at the All-Russian Congress of Monitors on Friday, Moskalkova said that Russia and Ukraine should find a solution to the current problem ...

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Russian children’s ombudsman calls for nationwide register of convicted pedophiles

The Russian ombudsman for children has supported a recently drafted bill imposing life sentences for pedophilia, but added that the creation of a nationwide register of offenders was also necessary. “We consider it important to continue work on a register of persons who have committed sex crimes against minors and other illegal acts, which would allow them to be monitored ...

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Pro-business party confirms ombudsman Titov as candidate in 2018 election

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 14:49 The Russian Party of Growth has approved its leader, business ombudsman Boris Titov, as a candidate in the 2018 presidential election. Titov says his candidacy offers the nation a path of development. The decision for Titov to represent the party in the election was voted on at the party convention on Thursday, with 74 ...

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Business ombudsman proposes plan to return fugitive tycoons to Russia

Published time: 6 Dec, 2017 11:04 Russian business ombudsman and presidential hopeful Boris Titov plans to ask Vladimir Putin to allow magnates who hide from justice in foreign countries to return to Russia on condition that they pay compensation for their misdeeds. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Titov said that one of the issues he had to deal with ...

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Death penalty moratorium will never be lifted – Russian ombudsman

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 14:15 The Russian plenipotentiary for human rights, Tatyana Moskalkova, has said that the moratorium on death penalty in the country will be extended indefinitely. She added that in her opinion life in prison was an adequate replacement as a punishment. Read more “I cannot decide on this subject but my opinion is that the moratorium ...

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Russian business ombudsman Titov announces his presidential bid

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 13:21 Russia’s ombudsman for entrepreneurs’ rights and part-owner of popular Russian champagne brand “Abrau-Durso” Boris Titov will join the 2018 presidential race. The ombudsman chairs the Party of Growth, which announced his nomination. Read more The nomination of Boris Titov was discussed and agreed on by his fellow party members during the meeting at the ...

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