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S. Korea summons Russian officials after scrambling jets to escort Russian planes

South Korean defense and foreign offices summoned Russian officials after its air force were dispatched to warn Russian bombers of entering its air defense zone. Moscow says the planes were flying over the international waters. Russia’s defense ministry confirmed that South Korean planes escorted two Tu-95MS strategic bombers and Su-35S aircraft as they conducted a regular flight over “neutral waters” ...

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Middle East officials flocking to Moscow – is there a big deal to be made before Putin meets Trump?

Moscow is awash this week with Middle East movers and shakers, apparently eager to have a word with Vladimir Putin ahead of his meeting with Trump. Is there a big ME deal in the making? RT talks to analysts. Before having a face-off with his US counterpart in Helsinki next week, President Putin is to have several high-profile meetings in ...

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UK officials show contempt for what voters love by ditching World Cup in Russia – John Pilger

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has blasted British politicians for refusing to attend World Cup matches in Russia, as the national team makes a historic run in the tournament. “Not a single UK official was in the stadium to see England’s magnificent win v Sweden,” Pilger, whose documentary work earned him many prestigious awards, including multiple BAFTA honors, tweeted ...

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German officials join UK and US establishment worried how Trump-Putin summit will affect NATO

German politicians are nervous over the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, fearing the US president could take actions that are not in line with NATO, echoing concerns across the channel and the Atlantic. Ahead of the meeting on July 16 in Helsinki, several German officials expressed their worry in interviews with newspapers throughout the country. The transatlantic coordinator ...

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'US officials wouldn't shake my hand fearing they would be fired' – Russia's ambassador to US

Russian envoy to the US Anatoly Antonov expressed hope that the US and Russian leaders will establish good chemistry at their upcoming summit, adding that when the two great powers are “in the same boat, the world can sleep well.” With less than two weeks to go until the summit between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir ...

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Chinese officials court EU nations to get allies in trade row with Trump – report

Chinese officials have reportedly been cozying up to their EU counterparts, promising members of the 28-strong bloc to open the Chinese market in return for putting up a united front against the US in the World Trade Organization. China has been actively seeking an ally in the EU in a potential trade war with Washington, with senior Chinese officials offering ...

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‘Careful what you wish for!’ Trump slams Maxine Waters for urging harassment of officials

US President Donald Trump has fired another salvo on Twitter, this time aimed at California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ recent call for Americans to harass administration officials so that they have “no peace.” “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party,” Trump tweeted out on Monday. “She has just ...

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Party like a Russian… minister? Saratov officials caught drunk & half-naked inside state-owned car

A routine traffic stop triggered a full-scale political scandal in Russia’s Saratov region after police discovered a local minister and a young female official drunk and half-naked inside a state-issued car during his vacation. The incident took place early in the morning on May 25, when road police stopped a vehicle travelling with its lights off. Behind the wheel was ...

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US officials cross into North Korea ‘to prepare Trump-Kim talks’ – report

US officials have arrived in North Korea to start preparations for still-unconfirmed talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the Washington Post reported after conflicting signals from the US president on the meeting’s fate. Former US ambassador to South Korea, Sung Kim, crossed into North Korea on Sunday to hold talks with Pyongyang’s Vice-Foreign Minister, Choe Son Hui, a source ...

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Communists draft bill ordering 6 years in prison for election officials who allow violations

Russian Communist Party lawmakers have drafted a bill which would drastically increase the fines and prison sentences for members of election commissions who allow the falsification of election results. A note was attached to the bill – published on Tuesday on the parliament’s online database – which reads: “Repeated incidents in which members of election commissions have violated the existing ...

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