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I want your Musk: Tesla CEO offered $150k for weed-themed porno role

Elon Musk generated a huge amount of controversy when he smoked a joint on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast. But there’s always opportunity in adversity it seems, as the stunt may have earned him a starring role… in a porno. Musk has reportedly been offered $ 150,000 to appear in an adult film production by XBlaze films – whose scenes ...

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Russia’s newest Kalibr cruise missile-capable corvettes may be offered to China & India – govt

Russia will offer its newest corvettes – armed with battle-proven Kalibr cruise missiles – to foreign customers, including China, India and Vietnam, the deputy prime minister said unveiling a range of other military novelties. Cutting-edge Karakurt-class corvettes, capable of launching Kalibr cruise missiles, may be exported to a number of Asia-Pacific countries, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov has announced on ...

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Russian teachers to be offered training on how to respond to armed attacks on schools

Russian teachers are to be offered training to prepare them for possible armed attacks on schools and other emergency situations through a nationwide system of courses requested by human rights ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova. Speaking to Lower House MPs from parliamentary majority party United Russia, Moskalkova said that her aides had officially asked the Education Ministry to organize and jointly conduct ...

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Cleveland offered $120 million in freebies lure Amazon to the city

A Cleveland.com article detailed the lengths the small midwestern city would go to lure Amazon’s in 50,000-person HQ2. In a document obtained by reporter Mark Naymik, we learn that Cleveland was ready to give over $ 120 million in free services to Amazon including considerably reduced fares on Cleveland-area trains and buses. The document, available here, focuses on the Northeast ...

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Masturbation workshops for women offered at German university

A German university will host a workshop where women can learn how to give themselves a hand in reaching maximum pleasure. The idea has, however, raised a few eyebrows. The event is being organized at the University of Bielefeld and consists of a theoretical and a practical part, where women can try different techniques of self-pleasure.  Read more The participants will ...

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Slit-throat’ girl offered trip to waste recycling plant in the Netherlands

A young girl who rose to fame after making a slit-throat gesture at the regional governor amid environmental protests in Moscow Region was offered a trip to the Netherlands to study the latest recycling technology. Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov told reporters about the plan on Wednesday. “They [the girl with her family] are now leaving for the Netherlands to ...

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Russian pacifists offered alternative military service as massage therapists, ballet dancers

Labor ministry has extended the list of professions offered for citizens who seek alternative military service. On offer are such exotic options as reindeer herders, theater actors and massage therapists, among others. Read more The new list approved by Russian Minister of Labor and Social Development Maksim Topilin has fewer organizations that can hire conscripts who choose alternative service, but ...

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Sex for rent offered by creepy landlord, seedy underbelly of UK housing market culture exposed

A sleazy Welsh landlord has been caught offering women free rent in exchange for regular sex. The man was covertly filmed saying he would waive the £650 ($ 920) per month rent in exchange for sex once a week. An undercover reporter caught up with the landlord in Cardiff. He had advertised an annex on Craigslist for £650 ($ 920) ...

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14yo blood cancer patient gang-raped by 3 men, including passerby who offered to help

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 15:58 A 14-year-old cancer patient was raped twice within a period of just a few hours on Saturday night in Lucknow, northern India. The girl was assaulted by two youths, and then later by a passerby to whom she had turned for help. The teen left home to buy groceries from a nearby market at ...

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Golden handshake: Mugabe family reportedly offered $10mn payoff & legal immunity

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 00:09 Cash-strapped Zimbabwe has reportedly offered a $ 10 million payout to deposed President Robert Mugabe, while his wife will receive a generous pension after his death, and his children’s businesses won’t be touched by the incoming administration. “The government will give him a $ 5 million lump sum and then the remainder to be ...

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