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Trump’s craving for more nukes a ‘rip off’ that only benefits military industrial complex

The Trump administration’s blueprint for building more nuclear warheads to contain “strategic competitors” is a “rip-off” that only benefits manufacturers, not the American people, foreign policy analyst Robert Naiman told RT. The plan to expand the US low-yield nuclear arsenal, outlined in the draft of the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review leaked to the media, is an “outrageous and foolish” idea ...

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English newspaper ‘tipped off’ 25mins before JFK assassination, documents show

Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 08:52 Edited time: 27 Oct, 2017 08:55 A reporter for the Cambridge Evening News received a call telling him to ring the US embassy for “big news” just 25 minutes before John F. Kennedy was shot dead. The revelation emerged in fresh documents released by the US government on Thursday night. According to the memo, ...

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‘Off the Cliff’ shows how ‘Thelma & Louise’ raised Hollywood hell

In 1991, two women took a wrong turn on a road trip — and all hell broke loose in theaters from coast to coast. “Thelma & Louise,” a genre-busting movie in which a waitress and a housewife cut loose and turn deadly, was meant as a light-hearted female buddy pic. Instead, it set some critics’ hair on fire. Moviegoers, too, ...

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‘I admire the way Putin works’ US filmmaker claims Russians 'have never been better off’

In “The Putin Interviews” documentary, which began airing last night, Mr Stone quizzed the the Kremlin leader on his presidency. Mr Stone said after filming the Russian leader: “I admire his discipline. His ability to do this off and on for 16 years. His stamina, the way he works. “No American president works these hours as far as I know. ...

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‘Clear off!’ Ireland finally loses patience with EU over ‘excessive surveillance’

Brian Hayes has accused the Commission of “excessive surveillance” due to its bi-annual visits by ministers to inspect the Republic of Ireland’s finances.  These six-monthly “missions” ensure the country continues to repay bailout funds – but Mr Hayes believes this is a waste of resources considering Ireland’s now-booming economy.  With European Union visits planned every six months until 2031, the ...

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‘We could finish ISIS off’ Graduate revealed as FIRST British woman fighting jihadis

Kimberley Taylor, 27, joined the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) after leaving the UK in March 2016.  Ms Taylor has been on the frontline towards the IS stronghold of Raqqa in the Kurdish region of Rojava in Syria.  She said: ”For this reason it is really important that we create diplomacy…that we take a chance now that everybody is listening to ...

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Olivia Munn thanks Aaron Rodgers’ fans amid ‘off the field’ drama

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend didn’t fumble away the opportunity to thank her boyfriend’s supporters amid a tumultuous period in the Green Bay quarterback’s personal life. Olivia Munn appeared to delicately reference the ongoing drama between her boyfriend and his estranged family as she expressed her pride for Rodgers and the Packers following their season-ending postseason loss to Atlanta Falcons. “They faced ...

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