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Man dies after object he picked up near Stockholm metro explodes

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 11:36 Edited time: 7 Jan, 2018 13:57 A man died in the hospital after sustaining serious injuries caused by an exploding object he picked up from the ground near Varby gard metro station in Stockholm, Sweden. Police first reported the incident in the Huddinge district of the Swedish capital at 11:07am local time (10:07am GMT) ...

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Aliens not behind mysterious space object lurking in our solar system

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 09:45 The cigar-shaped object that was first spotted in our solar system last October was a natural body from another star system, scientists say. The mysterious rock had even been scanned for technology in case aliens were behind it. The presence of ‘‘Oumuama’ in our corner of the galaxy had puzzled scientist and space nerds ...

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Mysterious interstellar object to be scanned for alien tech as it flies through Solar system

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 04:32 Edited time: 12 Dec, 2017 04:37 A mysterious large object that has come from a different star system is to be examined by one of the world’s biggest telescopes for signs of alien technology. The Green Bank telescope will examine a mysterious object speeding through our solar system to check for signs of alien ...

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Microsoft introduces Simplygon Cloud 3D object optimization for AR and VR

In January, Microsoft acquired 3D optimization service Simplygon for an undisclosed sum. Today, we’re seeing the fruits of that buy with the launch of Simplygon Cloud, which the company hopes will help game developers integrate the optimization tool into their workflows to make content more friendly to resource-intensive AR and VR platforms. The tool, launching on the Azure Marketplace, works ...

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US Marine chopper reportedly drops object on Okinawa nursery during flyover

Published time: 7 Dec, 2017 11:23 The staff of a nursery school located 300 meters from a US base in Okinawa has found an object, which apparently fell on the roof from a US helicopter. Some 50 children were playing in the grounds at the time of the flyover. The object was discovered on the roof of the Midorigaoka nursery ...

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Police in Potsdam, Germany evacuate Christmas market, investigate suspicious object

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 15:15 Edited time: 1 Dec, 2017 15:55 German police have evacuated a Christmas market in the city of Potsdam following reports about an explosive device planted nearby. Read more Police are “currently deployed to central Potsdam because a suspicious package [was found there],” the local police department said in a Twitter post. Local officers had ...

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North Korea blasts South’s warning shots at flying object 'RECKLESS military provocation'

The North’s general staff dismissed Seoul’s claims as a fabrication, and said it had fired 450 machine gun rounds at a flock of birds in an attempt to promote hostility toward Pyongyang. The general staff added it was a “stopgap measure to check the war-weariness sweeping the puppet army in the face of the rapidly developing nuclear and ballistic rocket ...

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Suns gorilla dives onto court to grab object in middle of game

There was some monkey business going on in Phoenix Tuesday night. The Suns gorilla, their mascot, slid head-first onto the court from underneath the hoop early in the fourth quarter during the course of Phoenix’s game against the Washington Wizards. The gorilla popped up and hurried back to behind the hoop before he could disrupt the game, but was this ...

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