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It’s not ‘light v dark’ if Obama and Trump Supreme Court picks agree 93% of the time – Lee Camp

Lee Camp delves into 50 shades of darkness as he explains why Obama and Trump’s Supreme Court picks vote shockingly similarly and why the Pentagon didn’t actually believe in the triumph of democracy in Syria. President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was met with strong opposition from the Democrats, even without the controversial story of sex assault allegations ...

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‘This is not the Obama admin’: Bolton unveils Trump’s new far-reaching counter-terrorism strategy

The Trump administration has put together a six-prong counter-terrorism strategy that does not focus on a single organization and is going to “pursue terrorists at source,” national security adviser John Bolton told reporters. Speaking on a conference call on Thursday, Bolton said the US will seek to counter “all” terrorists and their ideologies, rather than a specific organization. The strategy ...

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‘Fell asleep’: Trump unimpressed as Obama makes 1st public attack on his policies in midterm speech

Former President Barack Obama has backed the Democratic party’s campaign efforts by throwing shade at President Donald Trump and voicing support for progressive policies. Trump shot back that he found it “very good for sleeping.” Obama, who bar a handful of public appearances and an exclusive content deal with Netflix has been relatively quiet since leaving the Oval Office, accused ...

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Pundits lose minds over ‘bipartisan’ candy-sharing moment between George W. Bush & Michelle Obama

Who knew Democrats and Republicans spoke to each other outside of work hours? Apparently not everyone, since the moment George Bush passed some candy to Michelle Obama at John McCain’s funeral sent social media into meltdown. The seemingly mundane moment — former President George W. Bush caught on camera handing some kind of sweet to the former First Lady — ...

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Duterte ‘forgives’ Obama just like he ‘forgives his girlfriends’

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has apologized to Barack Obama for calling him a “son of a w****” when he was still US President. He said he “forgave” him just as he did with his ex-girlfriends. Tough-talking Duterte said during a speech in Israel that he was sorry for how he had addressed the former US leader in 2016. “It would ...

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No to Austin, Yes to Barack Obama Elementary: What America is doing to itself with renaming frenzy

The purge of historical names – Austin, Texas is this week’s target – is not about liberals “fighting the legacy of slavery” while conservatives call them “virtue-signaling snowflakes.” The battle goes beyond symbols or history. Most headlines generated by the Austin Equity Office’s written assessment of Confederate “hate symbols” focused on the suggestion that the state capital’s very name should ...

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‘I miss them so much’: DC gets misty-eyed as Obama and Biden drop by Georgetown bakery

Many Americans still pine for the days when Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the White House, judging by the reactions to the former president and VP’s lunch at a bakery in Georgetown, an affluent part of Washington, DC. Obama and Biden stopped by the Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown on Monday, mingling with the customers and ordering sandwiches ...

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George Soros says Obama was his ‘greatest disappointment’, continues to slam Trump

Controversial billionaire George Soros said Barack Obama was his “greatest disappointment,” who “closed the door” on him despite lavish support. He now eyes going bipartisan instead. In a candid interview with the New York Times, Hungarian-born billionaire financier George Soros admitted that he became disillusioned with former President Barack Obama. Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment,” he told the Times’ ...

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Former Navy sailor pardoned by Trump files lawsuit against Obama administration

A former US Navy submariner has filed a lawsuit alleging that Obama administration officials denied him equal protection under the law, and went easy on Hillary Clinton for the same offenses. 31-year-old Kristian Saucier served a year in federal prison for taking photographs of classified sections of the submarine he worked on. In the suit, filed in Albany, New York, ...

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Obama to blame for Crimea fallout, others want Russia back in G8 – Trump

Donald Trump says several other G7 states support the idea of reversing Moscow’s banishment from the exclusive international club, and claims that the previous administration “allowed Russia to take Crimea.” “We didn’t do votes or anything, but it has been discussed [at the current G7 summit in Canada] Some people like the idea of bringing Russia back in,” the US ...

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