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Duke vs. North Carolina rivalry takes center stage in NYC

Duke vs. North Carolina. Coach K vs. Roy. In New York City. A marriage made in college basketball heaven. Outside of the faithful followers of the other 13 schools in the ACC, it was only natural for New Yorkers to think of this game when ACC announced that its tournament would be coming to the Barclays Center. The greatest rivalry ...

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The US must BOOST defences as North Korea may launch ATTACK on Hawaii 'SOON', expert warns

Ariel Cohen, director of the Centre for Energy, Natural Resources, and Geopolitics at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, has now warned the US Department of Defence needs to upgrade Hawaii’s missile defence system as the islands are a close target for Kim Jong-un. Ms Cohen said: ”Senior national security leaders have stated that the US needs to ...

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BREAKING: China BEGS North Korea to HALT nuclear activity amid fears of ‘LOOMING CRISIS’

Wang Yi also said South Korea should not deploy the US anti-missile defence system THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) and has called on Seoul to halt the deployment. He suggested Pyongyang could halt its nuclear activities in exchange for a suspension of joint military drills conducted between US and South Korean troops. Mr Wang said: “To defuse the looming ...

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BREAKING: RAF jets scrambled to intercept flight over North Sea from Romania

The flight, a Saab 340, had earlier taken off from Bucharest in Romania at around 1.30am. The plane was said to have been escorted to Birmingham Airport. It landed in the Midlands at around 7.30am. Reports on Twitter suggest the plane was “unresponsive”. No further information has been released. More to follow… This is a breaking news story. Revisit this ...

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North Korea BANS Malaysians from leaving the country over Kim Jong-nam death dispute

The North’s foreign ministry notified the Malaysian embassy in Pyongyang of the ban – but it is unclear how long it could last. According to a statement the ban will last “until the safety of the diplomats and citizens of the DPRK in Malaysia is fully guaranteed through the fair settlement of the case that occurred in Malaysia”. The move ...

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BREAKING: US moves defence system to South Korea as North pledges to 'ANNIHILATE' enemies

North Korea has promised to “annihilate the enemies” of the state in what is the latest in a war of words between the Pyongyang and America’s allies. Kim Jong-un personally supervised the drill which saw the launch of four missiles fired into the sea of Japan on Monday. Although North Korea regularly issues threats to foreign countries, three of those ...

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North Korea PREPARES FOR WAR after admitting missile test was aimed at US BASES in Japan

Kim Jong-un personally supervised the drill which saw the launch of four missiles fired into the sea of Japan last night. The escalation of tensions between the US and North Korea comes after the US announced the deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile defence systems to South Korea to protect the country from any potential aggression from ...

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Malaysia ENDS visa-free travel with North Korea after Kim Jong-nam’s ‘assassination'

The visa requirement following the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-nam when he was poisoned with VX nerve agent last month. The move comes as Malaysia hunt several North Koreans suspected of being involved in the murder. Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Home Minister, said: “We will gazette this and visas for North Korean visitors are a must ...

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North Korea is ‘COMPLETELY UNHINGED’ blasts US official as global tensions escalate

Shortly after South Korea’s spy agency revealed Pyongyang had executed five senior security officials for making false reports which “enraged” the leader, the US House Intelligence committee chairman blasted the hermit kingdom. On behalf of the chairman, Representative Devin Humes told South Korea’s news agency: “The North Korean regime is completely unhinged. They’ve long been unhinged. “And the closer they ...

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