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Why North Korea's ICBM missile launch claims are hard to believe

North Korea’s supposedly successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile is scary — but as always with the rogue nation, the claims might not be as explosive as they sound. It is impossible to know anything for certain about the ICBM test launch. The state-run media in Kim Jong Un’s communist empire exists to exaggerate the government’s capabilities, providing few ...

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Trump 'may deploy US troops to North Korea peninsula in wake of ICBM launch' official says

Top US State and Pentagon officials participated in meetings yesterday to determine the nature of the missile launch. They also reportedly assessed what their next steps would be in response to the communist state’s posed “global threat”. A US official told CNN President Trump is set to potentially disclose and approve a “measured response”. Although nothing has been confirmed, the ...

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BREAKING: US demands 'global action' over North Korea & vows 'to enact stronger measures'

In a fearsome warning, the US Secretary of State called for “global action” to be taken against Kim Jong-un to stop the “global threat” the communist state poses. Launching an attack also on North Korean citizens, Mr Tillerson said any country hosting North Korean workers, providing economic or military benefits to Pyongyang, or failing to implement UN Sanctions is “aiding ...

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Russia and China tell North Korea to stop missile tests

Russia and China have proposed that North Korea declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States and South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises. The call was issued in a joint statement by the Russian and Chinese foreign ministries on Tuesday following talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The statement came ...

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Missing North Carolina woman found alive in Va. parking garage

The manhunt for a North Carolina woman missing for nearly a week is over, after the 24-year-old Starbucks manager was found in eastern Virginia. Allison Cope remains hospitalized after police found her in a Virginia Beach parking garage early Sunday, according to reports. She went on break at about 3 p.m. on June 26 from the Starbucks she oversaw at ...

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North Korea claims it tested intercontinental ballistic missile

North Korea boasted a successful intercontinental ballistic missile test from its eastern coast ahead of Fourth of July revelry in the United States. The nation’s bold claims Tuesday contradicted prior dispatches from South Korea’s military and the U.S. Pacific Command underestimating the test as an intermediate-range missile. The missile took off from the North’s Panghyon Airfield around 9:40 a.m. and ...

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WW3: North Korea announce successful test of ballistic missile that 'could reach ALASKA'

The missile flew  580 miles before landing in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the South Korean military and Japanese government said. The unidentified projectile was test–fired from a location near the North’s border with China at 1:40am this morning. And North Korea today announced the missile was its first successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile and now makes the ...

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BREAKING: Donald Trump responds to North Korean 'Independence Day' missile launch

The unidentified projectile was test–fired from a location near the North’s border with China at 1:40am BST (9:40am local time), the South Korean military reported. Now Donald Trump has launched a personal attack on Kim Jong-un, asking if he has “anything better to do with his life”. The President tweeted: North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy ...

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BREAKING: North Korea launches 'ballistic' missile amid escalating tensions with the US

The unidentified projectile was test–fired from a location near the North’s border with China at 1:40am BST (9:40am local time). It is not yet known whether it was as powerful as the last missile launch that soared to an altitude five times higher than the International Space Station. The launch follows talks, yesterday, between US President Donald Trump and Japanese ...

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