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Hawaii launches educational campaign in case of North Korea attac

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is launching a new campaign to prepare residents for a possible nuclear missile attack from North Korea. The agency insists it’s a precautionary measure that should not concern residents, as the threat level to the islands from North Korea is “currently assessed to be low,” the agency said, CBS Honolulu affiliate KGMB reported. Officials urged ...

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North Korea LATEST – Trump to BAN tourists in latest attack on Kim Jong-un

The United States government will bar Americans from travelling to North Korea in the coming weeks according to two travel agencies. US officials will announce their latest travel ban on July 27, and it will go into effect 30 days later. The move will widely be seen as an attack on Kim Jong-un’s regime in a time of heightened tensions ...

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North Korea desperate for YOU to sample ‘beautiful and picturesque’ land in tourism revamp

The puzzling revelation comes only a month after US student Otto Warmbier died following shocking treatment at the hands of the despotic regime. The reclusive country has revamped its website to encourage visitors to enjoy its “beautiful and picturesque landscape”. The website said: “Today the tourist industry in the DPRK is developing afresh under the wise leadership of supreme leader ...

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North Korea V USA: Kim Jong-un reveals next strike target in chilling warning

Kim Jong-un’s state newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, vowed the US would “never escape the mercilessly annihilating strikes” from the Korean forces as it warned Donald Trump to remove his military bases from the South. The despot’s mouthpiece said: “Their sinister intention is to ignite a war against the North at any cost by reducing the South Korean puppet army into cannon ...

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Putin and Trump clash over North Korea as Kim Jong-un 'prepping for ANOTHER missile test'

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s honeymoon period is at risk as the two superpowers have become engaged in a major rift at the United Nations Security Council.  At a meeting attended by Russia and North Korea’s sole ally China, US Ambassador Nikki Haley argued despot leader Kim Jong-un fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). UN diplomats said Russia had suggested ...

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North Korean parents ‘kill disabled children at birth’, a sickening new report reveals

Sadly those born into the radical regime with a disability have very little chance of survival and if they manage to elude the state they are then hidden from public view. The Database Centre for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB), a non–governmental organisation based in Seoul, admitted they were unsure where “Hospital 83” is located. A researcher from the NKDB ...

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North Korea ‘planning another ballistic missile launch’ amid rising tensions with the US

Satellite images from Kim Jong-un’s missile test site have indicated activity in the area sparking fear that launch may be imminent. The US has been watching the secretive state after it successfully launched an ICBM capable of reaching America’s mainland on July 4. After the launch Kim Jong-un boasted that his nation could destroy the US. The dictator’s mouthpiece Rodong ...

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North Korea carries out PUBLIC executions for petty theft to discourage bad behaviour

GETTY/ REUTERS North Korea carries out public executions for petty theft, according to a new report The report, by a Seoul-based non-government group, said the often extra-judicial decisions for public executions are frequently influenced by “bad” family background or a government campaign to discourage certain behaviour.  The Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) said its report was based on interviews with ...

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US should use military force if necessary to STRIKE North Korea, senator claims

The Trump administration has taken a tough line with the hermit kingdom, following Kim Jong-un’s persistent missile tests and development of an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of striking the mainland US. Now Republican Senator Cory Gardner, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Asian and Pacific Affair, has said the nation must be ready to send the ...

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North Korea committing ‘NAZI-era atrocities’ and executing people in SCHOOLS, report says

The Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG), a Seoul-based non-government group, said its report was based on interviews with 375 North Korean defectors from the secretive state over a period of two years. The report aims to document the locations of public killings and mass burials, which it says had not been done previously, to support an international push to hold ...

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