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North Korea threatens 'NUCLEAR HAMMER’ on the US after CIA ‘proposes ousting Kim Jong-un’

CIA director Mike Pompeo hinted that the US was open to the possibility of ousting Kim Jong-un to remove his growing threat and denuclearise North Korea. But North Korea has hit back, threatening to “strike a merciless blow” if the US should dare to even attempt to remove the dictator. A foreign ministry spokesman told North Korean state media: “Should ...

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Tomb of 1,000 year old cold war warrior's infant child found 250 miles north of the Arctic

Remains of the skull of this ancient polar potentate’s heir were discovered buried inside a rare and valuable bronze bowl originating some 3,750 miles to the south in Persia.  The infant born around 1,000 years ago was wrapped in fur or animal skins, alongside an engraved knife as protection in the next life.  Experts say the find of the turquoise-coloured ...

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North Korea DEMANDS Donald Trump ‘kneels’ and ‘apologises’ to Kim Jong-un for hostilities

The hermit kingdom’s state mouthpiece, Rodong Sinmun, made the comments as the country celebrates its “victory” over the US during the conflict. The paper stated: “There is only one way out for the US. “That is to withdraw the anachronistic hostile policy toward North Korea and kneel and apologise to its army and people.” The war ended when an armistice ...

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Donald Trump’s transgender ban tweet ‘sparked fears of declaration of WAR on North Korea’

The US President took to Twitter to make the announcement, with the first of three tweets announcing he had been consulting with his generals. But there was an nine-minute gap between the first and second tweets – leading some defence figures to worry President Trump had belligerent Pyongyang in his sights, according to Buzzfeed. Many figures at the Pentagon were ...

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North Korean elite are NOT isolated: Relishing internet access to Facebook and pornography

Intelligence firm Recorded Future carried out an extensive investigation that monitored internet use in the isolated country for three months and found it to be poorly protected, contradicting conventional wisdom from experts. The report said: “Our analysis demonstrates that the limited number of North Korean leaders and ruling elite with access to the internet are much more active and engaged ...

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North Korea pledges to wage WAR against the United States TOMORROW

The anniversary has led to increased concerns the regime is planning another test to fire another intercontinental ballistic missile, believed to be capable of reaching the US mainland. With tensions escalating, it is feared North Korea could turn on neighbouring South Korea, following warnings from Kim Jong-un’s regime that it is ready to strike “without warning or prior notice”. North Korea ...

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North Korea's military vows to deliver 'FINAL VICTORY' against US in rallying war cry

Just two days away from the 64th anniversary of the armistice which ended the Korean war, which North Korea has labelled “Victory Day”, officers from the army, navy and air force promised to crush the US. Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong-so said he wants his nation to wage “more dynamic struggle to add shine to the history of great victory in ...

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North Korea could launch a nuclear missile aimed at the US within ONE YEAR, Pentagon says

The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) believes the secretive state is on track to build a nuclear-equipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) within the next year, shaving two years off the previous projections. According to the DIA, North Korea will be able to produce a “reliable, nuclear-capable ICBM” missile at some point in 2018. One US official sought to calm tensions by ...

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'THIS IS A TEST' US warns Russia over North Korea nuclear missile punishment

Washington gave Beijing a draft resolution earlier this month which included plans to impose stricter measures on the hermit state over the July 4 missile launch. But any punishment relies on China‘s cooperation with Russia as tensions on the Korean peninsula escalate and Washington-Moscow relations are pushed to breaking point.  Nikki Haley, the US’s UN ambassador, told reporters China’s initial ...

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China ramp up border security to halt ‘flames of war’ overflowing from North Korea

Beijing is not only worried about the “flames of war” overflowing from the hermit kingdom but the remote possibility the US could use a conflict as a launching base for an attack. Expert analysis revealed China has increased surveillance in the border region, including numerous drone missions, as well as setting up a “combat readiness-level big data disaster recovery centre”. ...

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