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How big is North Korea’s army? 3.5 million volunteer to fight for Kim Jong-un

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have been locked in a battle of words for months now, but conflict is looking increasingly likely. According to the regime’s propaganda mouthpiece Rodong Sinmun, students and workers from across the nation have signed up to the People’s Army in response to the latest spate of UN sanctions. Earlier in 2015 Pyongyang claimed one ...

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North Korea’s nuclear missiles are FAKE, claim atomic experts

Leader Kim Jong-un’s recent ongoing missile tests and spate of threats towards the United States saying they were developing “operational plans” for launching a strike in the areas around Guam could just be empty bluster, with the hermit country being unable to deliver on its threats. A trio of rocket experts have said that the missiles developed by North Korea ...

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North Korea set to launch 'FINAL ATTACK' – WW3 fears grow as Pyongyang ESCALATES rhetoric

State media also declared that the North Korean army is not afraid to back down from nuclear war should tensions bubble over, stating that Pyongyang is “capable of fighting any war the US wants”. The editorial added the US now “finds itself in an ever worsening dilemma, being thrown into the grip of extreme security unrest by the DPRK. This ...

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Chinese president urges Trump to tone down North Korea remarks

China sought to ease tensions between the U.S. and North Korea on Saturday, urging the leaders of both countries to tone down the inflammatory rhetoric. Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke to President Trump, who a day earlier said that the U.S. military was “locked and loaded” and warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he “will regret it fast” ...

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Britain urged to play 'honest broker' on North Korea bombs

GETTY Britain have been urged to play a ‘central role’ to diffuse tensions between Kim Jong-un and Trump It comes as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un warned the Trump administration to “better talk and act properly,” if it did not want “the American empire to meet its tragic doom”. Last night sources close to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson revealed he ...

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UK AT WAR? ‘Britain will be dragged in to any war with Kim Jong-un’s North Korea’

The UK would most likely join the US in fighting the regime if North Korea started a war, Trevor Taylor, professorial research fellow in defence management at the highly-respected Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank, said. He said if a war in the region started due to North Korean aggression then the UK would be “obliged” to support. However, ...

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North Korea has 'no chance' against US and Guam threat is a bluff, Russian general says

Leonid Ivashov, a retired Colonel-General and political analyst, urged the two sides to reach a diplomatic solution to the tensions, which have been ramped up in recent days by both the president and the dictator.  Mr Ivashov, in an interview with Russia Today, said Pyongyang’s threats of bombing the US territory of Guam was “a bluff”, and that the US ...

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KIM’S ARMY: WW3 looms as 3.5 MILLION ‘volunteer’ to fight for North Korea against USA

With North Korea and America both refusing to blink first in the ongoing crisis, despot Kim Jong-un has now announced a massive army recruitment programme.  An article in a Pyongyang-based propaganda newspaper today declared already more than 3.5 million people had signed up to fight.  The propaganda rag claimed these millions were “volunteers” and included students and former soldiers – ...

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Trump jokes that North Korea’s threats will boost tourism to Guam

President Trump joked that North Korea’s threats to attack Guam would help boost tourism to the U.S. territory. In a recorded phone call to Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo, the president tried to reassure the residents of the island, saying, “We are with you 1000 percent….Don’t worry about a thing.” Trump went on to congratulate Calvo for “becoming extremely famous”, adding, ...

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WAR READY: Japan rushes MISSILES to major cities in bid to counter North Korea attack

North Korea regularly promises to reduce Japan to “debris” in state-sponsored news broadcasts but these sabre-rattling claims have escalated wildly in recent days.  With US president Donald Trump threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” earlier this week, the rogue state has launched a terrifying war of words with its Western rivals.  And Japan is caught squarely in North Korea’s ...

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