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North Korea accepts offer of talks on Jan. 9 – Seoul

Published time: 5 Jan, 2018 01:47 Edited time: 5 Jan, 2018 01:58 North Korea has accepted Seoul’s offer to hold talks next Tuesday to discuss Pyongyang’s participation in the Winter Olympics and other matters of mutual interest, South Korea’s Ministry of Unification said, Yonhap reports. On Friday, Pyongyang sent a statement to Seoul accepting the offer made on Tuesday to ...

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North Korea will open border hotline with South

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 04:46 Edited time: 3 Jan, 2018 04:59 Seemingly following through on earlier hints of dialogue with South Korea, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has ordered to reopen the border hotline with Seoul for negotiations, according to a televised statement. The discussions will focus on sending North Korean athletes to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics which will ...

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Russia says it sticks to UN sanctions on North Korea amid reports of illegal oil supplies

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 11:25 Edited time: 30 Dec, 2017 11:28 Russia is fulfilling the UN Security Council (UNSC) sanctions against North Korea, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in response to media reports on illegal shipments of oil. “Russia fully and strictly observes the sanctions regime,” the ministry said in a statement on Saturday. It also stressed the UN ...

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Report that North Korean defector has anthrax antibodies feeds into biological weapons scare

South Korean media have claimed that a North Korean defector was found to have developed antibodies to anthrax before his flight across the border. The report may likely play into the hands of those looking for a pretext for war. The news was broken by South Korea’s Channel A on Tuesday, citing an anonymous intelligence official. “Anthrax antibodies have been ...

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US sanctions 2 North Korean officials over missile program

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 20:26 Edited time: 26 Dec, 2017 20:29 The US Treasury Department has imposed new sanctions on North Korea, targeting two officials who are allegedly involved in Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program. It said the move was part of a “maximum pressure campaign.” Read more The North Korean officials added to the US sanctions list were identified ...

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Royal Navy shadows newest Russian missile frigate in North Sea (PHOTO)

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 10:15 The Royal Navy’s HMS ‘St Albans’ shadowed the cutting-edge Russian missile frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ as she passed near British waters in the North Sea on Christmas Day. ‘Admiral Gorshkov’, Russia’s newest guided-missile frigate, has been traversing the North Sea off the UK coast, prompting the Royal Navy to dispatch HMS ‘St Albans’ to “keep ...

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North Korea denounces new UN sanctions as an ‘act of war’

Published time: 24 Dec, 2017 04:21 Edited time: 24 Dec, 2017 04:59 Pyongyang considers the latest round of UN sanctions, which severely crippled its remaining imports and exports, to be an “act of war,” the country’s foreign ministry has said. “We define this ‘sanctions resolution’ rigged up by the US and its followers as a grave infringement upon the sovereignty ...

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North Korea could strike out-of-range London, warns UK defense secretary

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 15:59 North Korea is firing missiles over Japan, defying China and threatening war with the US, so now the UK’s defense secretary wants Britain to get in on the action. Britain must stand up and be counted in the fight to bring down the rapidly advancing nuclear program of the hermit nation’s dictator Kim Jong-un, ...

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Trump official claims North Korea to blame for WannaCry cyber attack

A Trump official claims in an op-ed that the US has proof that it was North Korea behind the WannaCry cyber attack, citing a “careful investigation.” However, he also launched into various allegations against other countries. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled “It’s Official: North Korea Is Behind WannaCry,” White House Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert claimed on Monday ...

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Search & destroy: US military releases photos of joint drills for removing North Korea’s WMD

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 08:22 Edited time: 18 Dec, 2017 08:55 The US military has released photos of massive joint drills with its ally South Korea. The drills were reportedly aimed at removing North Korean weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in case of military conflict. The ‘Warrior Strike IX’ exercise was held at Camp Stanley, a US military facility ...

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