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US Navy brings negligent homicide charges against Fitzgerald, McCain ex-commanders

Both former commanding officers of the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain are facing negligent homicide and other criminal charges over the fatal collisions last year that killed a total of 17 service members. Admiral Frank Caldwell decided to file charges Tuesday against Bryce Benson, former commander of the USS Fitzgerald, and Alfredo Sanchez, former commander of the USS ...

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‘We’re very excited’: US Navy to test laser weapon on warship

A newly built US amphibious warship will test out new laser weapon technology as early as this coming fall, replacing an earlier tested $ 40 million laser. The new USS Portland warship, currently en route to San Diego, California, to be commissioned, has been chosen to host the new laser weapon technology created by the Office of Naval Research. The ...

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Royal Navy shadows newest Russian missile frigate in North Sea (PHOTO)

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 10:15 The Royal Navy’s HMS ‘St Albans’ shadowed the cutting-edge Russian missile frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ as she passed near British waters in the North Sea on Christmas Day. ‘Admiral Gorshkov’, Russia’s newest guided-missile frigate, has been traversing the North Sea off the UK coast, prompting the Royal Navy to dispatch HMS ‘St Albans’ to “keep ...

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Assange’s handle re-emerges after ‘Twitter oddities’ & weird US Navy post

Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 18:46 The Twitter account of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has re-appeared after mysteriously disappearing Monday morning. The whistleblowing site has also confirmed that Assange is safe and well, despite some Twitter “oddities.” People trying to access Assange’s Twitter page Monday were directed to an ‘error message’ page. Tech site Gizmodo estimated the @JulianAssange account was ...

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‘Distressed’ defense experts reveal British warships are all at home… because the Navy is shrinking

“Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves,” goes the patriotic anthem from the days of empire. Today the truth is very different, as it has been revealed that the British Navy has no major warships deployed outside of UK waters. The government is currently working hard to fill a gaping hole in the defense budget.  Portsmouth is currently home to six ...

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‘Not from Earth’: Navy pilot recalls encounter with ‘Tic Tac’ UFO

In the aftermath of the Pentagon disclosing videos of US Air Force sightings of unidentified, inexplicable flying objects, a former Navy pilot has come forward to reveal details of his encounter with a UFO. Cmdr. David Fravor, who was a Navy pilot for 18 years, told The Washington Post he saw the mysterious flying object while on a routine training mission ...

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Suspected Norwegian spy arrested in Moscow, reportedly caught with Russian Navy classified docs

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 10:35 Edited time: 19 Dec, 2017 10:52 A Moscow court has remanded a Norwegian citizen in custody on suspicion of espionage. Russia’s special services caught the suspect as he was reportedly receiving classified documents on the Russian Navy. On Tuesday, a Russian district court ruled that Frode Berg should continue to be remanded in custody ...

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Chinese Navy begins live-fire drills near N. Korea as S. Korea & US escalate activity

Published time: 15 Dec, 2017 01:42 Edited time: 15 Dec, 2017 01:52 China’s navy has begun four-day live-fire drills off the coast of North Korea as Pyongyang warned that Washington’s actions are pushing the region toward nuclear war. The drills began Thursday off the coast of Lushun in China’s northeast province of Liaoning. Ahead of the exercise, an area of ...

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Putin drafts bill for expansion of Russian navy base in Syria

Published time: 13 Dec, 2017 10:10 Edited time: 13 Dec, 2017 10:39 Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to the lower house of Russia’s parliament an agreement to transform the Tartus navy refueling facility in Syria into a fully-fledged navy base, capable of harboring nuclear-powered ships. The development would be for a term of 49 years and would grant the ...

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Navy to scrap $500mn next-generation railgun

The US Navy is turning its attention away from a decade-long, electromagnetic railgun program, opting instead, for a less expensive alternative that uses the projectiles as ammunition in existing guns, rather than a next-generation weapon. Last week, the Congressional Research Service released a report, which said the Pentagon is looking to divert from a decade-long electromagnetic railgun (EMRG) program, but ...

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