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Stars & streaks: Drunken Navy sailor arrested for nude run through amusement park (VIDEOS)

A US Navy sailor assigned to the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier took shore leave to the extreme with an alcohol and drug-fuelled naked run through the parking lot of a popular amusement park. Adrian Gilbert Cardenas, 21, was caught on camera in his birthday suit attempting to bum a ride off unsuspecting guests at the Busch Gardens amusement ...

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US could use Navy for ‘blockade’ to hamper Russian energy exports – Interior Secretary

Washington can “if necessary” resort to its Navy to prevent Russian energy hitting the markets, including in the Middle East, US Internal Secretary Ryan Zinke has revealed, as cited by Washington Examiner. Zinke alleged that Russia’s engagement in Syria – notably, where it is operating at the invitation of the legitimate government – is a pretext to explore new energy ...

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Four Navy officers accused of sex with a minor, pornography – report

A group of petty officers assigned to a US submarine base have been charged with engaging in group sex with a girl younger than 16 and filming it. A criminal investigation was launched after an anonymous tip-off. The incident, reported by the Navy Times on Friday, allegedly took place on September 17, 2017, and had not been made public up ...

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US Navy ships & training bases exposed as ‘highest risk’ in military sex assault report

Young female service members, especially navy sailors, face the highest risk of sexual assault among all the branches of the US armed forces, the Pentagon’s RAND Corporation study reveals, having ranked all military installations. Back in the summer of 2014, RAND conducted a survey of the sexual assault and sexual harassment experiences of some 170,000 members of the US armed ...

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China cancels its top navy officer's visit to US over Trump’s sweeping sanctions

China has canceled the visit of its Navy commander to the US, in response to the sanctions imposed by Washington against Beijing over its military cooperation with Russia, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said. On Thursday, the US State Department imposed sanctions against Beijing’s defense procurement agency, the Equipment Development Department (EED), for its “significant transactions” with Russian arms ...

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Russia marks Navy Day with grand parade in St. Petersburg & other cities (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Over 40 warships and more than 4,000 sailors made up a spectacular Navy Day parade in Saint Petersburg, attended by Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin. Similar fleet reviews also took place in major port cities across Russia. Vessels representing all fleets of the Russian Navy have moored in Neva River in St. Petersburg, where a massive naval parade took place on Sunday ...

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Former Navy sailor pardoned by Trump files lawsuit against Obama administration

A former US Navy submariner has filed a lawsuit alleging that Obama administration officials denied him equal protection under the law, and went easy on Hillary Clinton for the same offenses. 31-year-old Kristian Saucier served a year in federal prison for taking photographs of classified sections of the submarine he worked on. In the suit, filed in Albany, New York, ...

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Russian navy unveils plan for specialized military police

Russian Defense ministry has revealed plans to set up dedicated navy police that would replace marines in maintaining order on ships and coast facilities and preventing provocations in foreign ports. Unnamed sources in the Main Command of the Russian Navy told popular Russian daily Izvestia that the first navy police unit will start its service as of next year, but ...

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US sailors lack basic ship handling skills – Navy report

Almost 85 percent of junior officers in the US Navy lack basic seamanship and ship handling skills, according to a new report. Twice last year, this lack of skills led to fatal accidents at sea. A three-month internal review conducted by the Surface Warfare Officer School selected junior officers in the fleet at random and subjected them to tests on ...

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Сhinese navy jets master daring night maneuvers on aircraft carrier (VIDEO)

China’s sole aircraft carrier Liaoning completed its first night flight trials, state media reports. Video of the mission shows J-15 warplanes, known as Flying Sharks, take off and land on board of a 65,000-ton flat top. The pilots began preparing for the daring maneuvers since January. Take-off and landing in the dark is considered more risky and requires more skill ...

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