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‘The Americans' was a 'documentary’: Twitter on fire over mysterious Russian spy story

A 29-year-old woman accused of acting as a Russian agent in the United States and using sex as part of her ‘covert plan’ has been jailed without bail pending her trial — and it’s all too much for Twitter to handle. Maria Butina was arrested on Sunday on charges of acting as a foreign agent without registering with the US ...

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Mysterious joyride: Pilot disappears after abandoning stolen plane on New Jersey beach (VIDEOS)

Authorities are searching for a mysterious pilot who took a plane for a dangerous joyride before abandoning it on the grounds of a Coast Guard Training Center and disappearing. Witnesses saw the small red Piper PA-12 plane flying erratically and dangerously close to the ground before it illegally landed on a restricted beach at the Coast Guard facility in Cape ...

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Mysterious sea creature from the deep washes up on African beach (PHOTOS)

A weird 20-foot-long decomposing carcass was found washed up on a beach in Namibia, drawing speculation over just what animal the remains derive from. The strange-looking creature was found by researchers from the Namibian Dolphin Project as they walked along Sandwich Harbour in Dorob National Park last week. READ MORE: Culprit in decades-old lunar mystery finally found through lost Apollo ...

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Mysterious ‘sonic attacks’ prompt new evacuation of US diplomat from China – report

An employee at the US consulate in Guangzhou and his family have reportedly been evacuated from China upon suffering neurological symptoms after hearing strange sounds. Washington says it’s taking the strange illness seriously. The New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing officials, that US diplomatic staff and their families in the southern Chinese city have been undergoing checks administered by ...

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Prosecutors seek UK’s help in probe into mysterious death of late Russian oligarch’s ally

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has requested legal assistance from British agencies in the investigation of the violent death of Nikolay Glushkov, a convicted criminal and a close associate of oligarch Boris Beresovsky. “In accordance with the 1959 European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, we have forwarded a request for legal assistance in an investigation launched into the ...

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Cosmic fender-bender: NASA’s asteroid-hunting probe develops mysterious dent (PHOTO)

A conspicuous and worrying black dent in the heat shield of NASA’s asteroid-bound probe has been spotted in an image the space agency shared of its OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Capsule (SRC). READ MORE: Threat assessment: NASA’s asteroid hunter reveals scariest, Earth-bound objects (VIDEO) After over a year of studying the March 2, 2017 snap to determine whether the mark was ...

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Mysterious loud boom shakes Oklahoma, locals report green and orange flashes

Residents across Oklahoma and Texas were jostled from their daily routines after hearing a loud boom Tuesday afternoon. Many were left scratching their heads and watching the skies for the source of the explosive phenomenon. While the US Geological Survey has not reported any earthquakes in the region, the National Weather Services in Norman, Oklahoma has said it is possible ...

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Mysterious enriched uranium particle detected in skies over Alaska

Scientists have found a “highly unusual” particle enriched with uranium in the skies over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. The source of the substance, which is typically used in nuclear fuel and bombs, is still unclear. The mysterious substance “containing a very small amount of enriched uranium” was found at an altitude of 7km (4.3 miles) above Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, according to ...

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Mysterious sand mounds confirmed as ancient Aboriginal burial ground

The origins of a series of mysterious sand mounds in a remote part of Queensland, Australia, may have finally been solved after human remains were discovered lying within. The human remains interred in burial mounds in Mapoon, western Cape York, could be up to 6,000 years old – making them older than the Egyptian pyramids, according to archaeologists. While the ...

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Mysterious mass grave likely contained 300 Vikings from ‘Great Heathen Army’

Some 300 bodies discovered in an ancient mass grave in England may belong to Vikings from the ‘Great Heathen Army’ of the 9th century, new research suggests. A team of archaeologists from the University of Bristol believe that the remains, initially discovered in the ‘80s, are those of warriors sent to England to fight the King of Mercia, driving him ...

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