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Israel must push for 1mn West Bank settlers, enough talk of two states – minister

Israel’s Jerusalem affairs minister is calling for sheer numbers to root out the very idea of a sovereign Palestinian state. He says about a million Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank should do the trick. Speaking at the “On the Way to a Million” conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday, Ze’ev Elkin said: “This will happen – it is only ...

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‘US will never retract accusations against Kaspersky – Russia must always be blamed for something’

Even with no evidence and damage to the company, the US won’t distract spying allegations against Kaspersky Lab due to anti-Russian hysteria in the US media and left-wing circles, said Greg Copley, editor of Defense & Foreign Affairs. Two months ago, the US Department of Homeland Security ordered agencies under its umbrella to identify Kaspersky Lab software on their computers ...

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Church Ltd? Clergy must stop acting like CEOs ‘chasing growth targets’

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 19:15 The clergy should stop behaving like CEOs and resume their pastoral role of leading the faithful, the Dean of Christ Church has claimed. It comes amid increasing reports of the clergy stressing out in their attempt to get more people to attend church. Speaking to an audience at the charity Sons & Friends of ...

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‘Russian intelligence must save world from nuclear war,’ says Soviet double-agent George Blake

On his 95th birthday, one of the Cold War’s most famous spies, who served as a double agent for the Soviet Union and escaped to Moscow after being caught by Britain, insists that intelligence services can still play a decisive role in international affairs. “There is a real war going on between good and evil,” George Blake wrote in a ...

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Germany must legally recognize ‘third gender’ from birth – top court

Published time: 8 Nov, 2017 13:37 Germany’s top court has called on the country’s parliament to legally recognize a ‘third gender’ which allows intersex people to identify as neither male nor female. Germany could become the first European country to allow a third gender on birth certificates. The current law on civil status discriminates against intersex people as it rules ...

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Brexit research must remain secret to create ‘safe space’ for EU talks, say ministers

Published time: 31 Oct, 2017 12:14 Edited time: 31 Oct, 2017 12:16 Tory ministers are refusing to publish key research on how Brexit might affect the economy because a “safe space” is needed to carry out negotiations. Ministers are now being threatened with legal action for “keeping the public in the dark.” A request under Freedom of Information (FoI) to ...

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Pope says Christians must revitalize Europe amid ‘dramatic sterility’

Europe is suffering from “dramatic sterility,” Pope Francis has said, urging Christians to preserve their moral values and to “revitalize” a continent that is increasingly being distinguished by a plurality of cultures and religions. “In our day, Christians are called to revitalize Europe and to revive its conscience, not by occupying spaces, but by generating processes capable of awakening new ...

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Germany's Steinmeier: Relations with Russia too important, countries must find bond

Published time: 25 Oct, 2017 20:54 Frank-Walter Steinmeier has met with President Vladimir Putin during his first visit to Russia as Germany’s president. Having pointed out the historical ties between the two nations, Steinmeier said he considers improving relations with Moscow as his personal obligation to the European people. Russia and Germany “are connected by over a thousand years of ...

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UK gambling sites must remove ads targeting children, regulators demand

Published time: 22 Oct, 2017 23:44 The UK authorities have ordered the country’s gambling websites to swiftly remove “unacceptable” adverts which may appeal to children. A survey last year revealed that some 450,000 British kids were gambling on a weekly basis. A total of 450 gambling operators, including William Hill and Bet365, received a letter that warned them of strict ...

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