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Reopening of Jordan-Syria crossing signals regional powers move to restore ties with Damascus

The newly re-opened border crossing between Syria and Jordan will not only help to restore a key Middle East trade route but also move regional actors to restore relations with Damascus, experts told RT. On Monday the main border crossing known as Jaber on the Jordanian side and Nassib on the Syrian side was operational again. Another Syrian border crossing ...

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Palestine takes US to International Court of Justice over Jerusalem embassy move

The Palestinian authority has asked the International Court of Justice to compel the US to shut down its embassy in Jerusalem, because it violates the Vienna convention, which says an embassy must be located in a host country. The Palestinian government submitted its application to launch proceedings against the US on Friday. The 14-page complaint, released by the UN’s principal ...

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‘Orwellian’ move: Facebook teams up with US government to police ‘fake news’ in foreign elections

Facebook has teamed up with two US government-funded think tanks as part of a new initiative to bolster the social media giant’s “election integrity efforts” around the globe. The new partnership with the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) was revealed by Facebook in a call with reporters last week and reported by Reuters — but ...

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EU's 'dangerous' move to punish Hungary 'reveals its authoritarian grip'

The EU parliament’s vote to trigger Article 7, allowing punitive measures against Hungary, has provoked disbelief and indignation, with commentators describing the “authoritarian” move as contrary to the bloc’s own self-interests. Citing Hungary’s anti-immigration policies and concerns about “media suppression,” the European Parliament voted on Wednesday to invoke the provision, known as the ‘nuclear option,’ which is applied when there ...

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EU Parliament greenlights move to trigger ‘nuclear option’ Article 7 against Hungary

The European Parliament has voted in favor of triggering Article 7 that would allow the EU implement punitive measures against Hungary. It’s claimed that Budapest has repeatedly flouted democratic rules. Hungary, led by the right-wing government of Viktor Orban, had been repeatedly slammed by Brussels for its treatment of migrants and minorities, and the purported abuse of the law and ...

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‘Completely contrary to reality’: Trump’s Israel embassy move irreversible, US ambassador says

The US does not have any politicians on the horizon who would dare to reverse Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate American embassy there, according to the US ambassador. Donald Trump’s daring decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish nation in December of last year sparked outrage among Palestinians and ...

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US ‘strongly encourages’ Paraguay not to move its embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv

Washington has urged Asuncion to think twice about the “historic relationship” between the US, Israel and Paraguay, and reconsider the decision to move the country’s Israeli embassy back to Tel Aviv. After Paraguay announced the embassy move plans, Vice President Mike Pence was quick to get President Mario Abdo Benitez on the line. “The Vice President strongly encouraged President Abdo ...

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Paraguay cancels embassy move to Jerusalem, Israel responds by closing its embassy in Paraguay

Paraguay will return its embassy in Israel to Tel Aviv, after the country’s previous government relocated it to Jerusalem in May. In a tit-for-tat response, Israel announced it would close its embassy in Paraguay. National chancellor Luis Alberto Castiglioni announced the move on Wednesday, calling the decision by former President Horacio Cartes “visceral and without justification.” Cartes, a right-winger, made the ...

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Move over Brexit & US election meddling, Russian bots are here to ‘fuel anti-vaxxer debate’

First ‘Russian bots’ meddled in the US election, then it was Brexit – so what will those pesky blighters get up to next? Well, according to an American study, the newest bot project is pushing the anti-vaxxer debate on Twitter. Proving yet again that big bad Russia is out to get the West (while ignoring the fact that Twitter has ...

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Big fish: French trawler nets 1-ton WWII bomb that can explode with one wrong move

French fishermen reeled in a big catch off the Normandy coast, but it turned out a bit more explosive than they anticipated. The trawler netted a WWII bomb with nearly a ton of explosives – and one movement could trigger a blast! The trawler Le Retour was fishing two nautical miles (4km) off the coast of Grandcamp-Maisy commune in the ...

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