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‘Where else?’ Netanyahu cites Bible to justify Trump’s Jerusalem move, urges EU to follow suit

Following Donald Trump’s controversial Jerusalem move, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has told EU leaders there is no other place for the capital – and that the Bible proves it. As protests continue, he also urged the Palestinians to embrace “reality.” During his visit to Brussels on Monday, Netanyahu praised US President Donald Trump’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the ...

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Czech president brands EU ‘cowards’ over stance on Trump’s Jerusalem move

Czech President Milos Zeman, known for his controversial statements, has called EU countries “cowards” over their response to Donald Trump’s recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He is the only world leader to endorse move, other than Netanyahu. “The European Union, cowards, are doing all they can so a pro-Palestinian terrorist movement can have supremacy over a pro-Israeli movement,” Zeman ...

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Kadyrov blasts Trump’s Jerusalem move as ‘crude,’ warns of full-scale war in Middle-East

Published time: 8 Dec, 2017 11:07 The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has described the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the US president as a stab in the back for those who tried to reach a settlement in the Middle East, and a step towards a new war. Read more In a message posted ...

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When will Britain stand up to Trump, asks Shadow Foreign Secretary in wake of US Jerusalem move

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has called on the May government to officially recognize United States president Donald Trump as a ‘bully’ who threatens world peace. “Donald Trump is not crying fire in a crowded theater, he is deliberately setting fire to the theater,” Emily Thornberry told the British Parliament on Thursday, in an urgent question to the UK’s Foreign ...

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Trump informs Abbas of intention to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Donald Trump has informed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of his intention to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a spokesperson for Abbas said. The Palestinian president told Trump the move would have “dangerous consequences.” “President Mahmoud Abbas received a telephone call from U.S. President Donald Trump in which he notified the President (Abbas) of his intention to move ...

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US govt could 'lose perspective' & move towards war – Oliver Stone

As Russia continues to be accused of US election meddling and President Putin is portrayed as a villain by the MSM, filmmaker Oliver Stone told RT there’s more to the story – and that he fears the US could lose its self-control and do something dangerous. Stone – who extensively interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin for “The Putin Interviews,” which ...

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Pentagon should move US military families from S. Korea ahead of possible war – Sen. Graham

Published time: 3 Dec, 2017 22:01 Edited time: 3 Dec, 2017 22:39 The Pentagon should begin moving spouses and children of active US military service members out of South Korea, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said, because the US is “getting close to military conflict” with Pyongyang. “It’s crazy to send spouses and children to South Korea, given the provocation of ...

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Broke Britain could cancel over half the F-35 fighter order – while the world’s militaries move on

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 20:21 Edited time: 22 Nov, 2017 21:29 Britain’s order of F-35 fighter jets may be significantly slashed as the list of problems bedevilling the stealth planes grows, along with the ‘issues’ of the UK defense budget. The UK has ordered 138 stealth jets. Pilots say the F-35’s will revolutionize air combat as it is the ...

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#AstronautProblems: This is how hard it is to move under extreme g-force (VIDEO)

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 00:00 Astronaut Alexander Gerst suffered a frustrating nose-scratching fail during extreme g-force training for his upcoming mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Gerst, a German ESA astronaut currently training to return to the ISS as a commander in 2018, shared footage of his intensive training on social media Tuesday which, he says, “only went ...

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Wealthy Saudis try to move money abroad with Riyadh in hot pursuit

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 14:18 A major crackdown on corruption has shaken up Saudi Arabia’s most affluent. The country’s millionaires and billionaires have reportedly started consulting asset managers and banks wanting to move funds out of the kingdom. Some wealthy individuals are selling investments in neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, turning the funds into cash or liquid holdings ...

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