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S&P affirms Russia's credit rating, says Moscow is able to weather new sanctions

S&P Global has affirmed Russia’s BBB long-term and short-term sovereign credit rating, noting that the country’s balance of payments and fiscal health should allow it to weather challenges that might arise from future sanctions. In its ratings update on Friday, S&P affirmed Russia’s BBB/A3 foreign currency sovereign credit score with a stable outlook and its BBB/A2 local currency score. In its ...

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Rogue camel causes chaos on Moscow highway (VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Jul, 2018 08:57 A runaway camel caused havoc on a Moscow motorway after it appeared out of nowhere and ran across multiple lanes of traffic, causing cars to swerve to avoid hitting it. The Bactrian camel was spotted running across the lanes of traffic on Wednesday, shocking motorists who weren’t expecting to come across a camel on ...

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US citizens will not be interrogated by Moscow, but hope is 12 Russians will be in US – White House

Donald Trump has turned down Vladimir Putin’s proposal to allow Russian investigators interview Americans suspected of crimes, but still expects 12 Russians blamed of election meddling to arrive in the US, the White House said. “It is a proposal that was made in sincerity by President Putin, but President Trump disagrees with it. Hopefully President Putin will have the 12 ...

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Even if I get Moscow as 'retribution,' critics will say it's not good enough – Trump

No matter how well his meeting with Vladimir Putin goes – and even if he was gifted the entire city of Moscow – the media and Democrats will say it’s not good enough, Trump tweeted before the one-on-one session. The US president wrote on Sunday evening that he was on his way to Helsinki, and that he was “looking forward ...

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US tougher on Russia than anybody, but chance for better relations with Moscow and Putin – Trump

The US President Donald Trump said that his administration was “tougher on Russia than anybody.” At the same time, he admitted that getting along with Moscow would actually still be “a good thing.” Read more “When you look at what we have done in terms of Russia, I guarantee that whoever it is in Russia, they are saying: ‘Oh, God, ...

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Most Russians want Moscow to treat West as partners – opinion poll

The majority of respondents in a recent Russian opinion poll believe their country should treat Western nations as partners – yet the public is split over Russia seeking re-entry to the G7 club of developed countries. According to the survey, conducted by the independent Russian public opinion research center Levada in late June and released on Thursday, 61 percent of ...

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Middle East officials flocking to Moscow – is there a big deal to be made before Putin meets Trump?

Moscow is awash this week with Middle East movers and shakers, apparently eager to have a word with Vladimir Putin ahead of his meeting with Trump. Is there a big ME deal in the making? RT talks to analysts. Before having a face-off with his US counterpart in Helsinki next week, President Putin is to have several high-profile meetings in ...

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Uncertainty, tension in world affairs push Moscow & Beijing together – Russian defense minister

Russia and China are rigorously improving strategic ties to be better prepared for the challenges of today’s world, as the US resorts to deception, hybrid wars, and controlled chaos, the Russian defense minister said. In a frank interview with Italian magazine Il Giornale, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained Russia’s strategy of keeping friends and deterring foes, and explained why Moscow ...

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‘The Kremlin pays him’: The Intercept’s Greenwald attacked by MSM after Moscow trip

The Intercept’s Glen Greenwald, who said his visit to Russia was partially meant to combat a toxic McCarthyist environment in the US, has found himself on the receiving end of just such a hysteria. Mainstream media pundits and ‘Russiagaters’ have been up in arms after Greenwald’s trip to Russia, which included taking part in an expert panel on “fake news” ...

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BBC journalist drugged & robbed in Moscow, suspects detained – police

Two suspects have been detained in Moscow for allegedly drugging and robbing a British national, accredited journalist with BBC covering the World Cup, who unwisely drank a serving of “coffee” while riding an unlicensed taxi cab. Read more The incident occurred early in the morning on Friday when the victim caught a “taxi” in central Moscow. There were two men ...

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