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Pentagon wants more money to develop its own hypersonic nukes, just like Russia’s

The Pentagon may not be surprised by the new Russian hypersonic missiles – but why not use them as a pitch for more money? A military budget about 10 times that of Russia is not enough, according to the DARPA director. Asked by a gathering of journalists on Thursday if the United States is spending enough on its own hypersonic ...

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#Windmagedon grounds more than 2,000 flights as ‘life & death’ cyclone arrives

More than 2,130 flights have been cancelled nationwide as the powerful nor’easter cyclone made landfall – bringing with it severe wind, snow and rain. A further 550 flights have been delayed, reports FlyAware. Most airlines are waiving the fees for flyers forced to change their arrangements as airports all across the Northeast shut down. Wind gusts in DC reached up ...

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Google expands snippets to answer more questions right in the search results

For years, Google’s “featured snippets” have offered quick answers to users’ search queries by pulling information from web pages and placing it in a box above the search results. This week, Google began rolling out a new snippet experience for web searchers with multiple answers to the question posed in the search box – something that addresses the problem of ...

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US students now owe Uncle Sam more than was spent on the entire Iraq War

Much has been said in recent years about soaring US debt and Washington’s huge military expenditure overseas. American household debt also beats its own records on regular basis. In the meantime, student debt in the country has managed to swell to a record high of $ 1.5 trillion with the US government holding nearly 70 percent of those education loans, ...

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Facebook exec claims Trump paid more for 2016 election ads than Clinton

A Facebook executive has published details on how much US presidential election candidates paid to reach potential voters on the social media platform in 2016. Critics say Trump was rewarded for provocative and divisive content. READ MORE: Hillary Clinton’s election blame game zeros in on Facebook Andrew Bosworth, the executive in charge of ads during the 2016 election, posted a ...

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US govt lost more money last year than entire Australian economy produced

An annual financial report released by the US Treasury this month showed the government lost over a trillion dollars in 2017. That is more than Australia’s GDP. “The Government’s “bottom line” net operating cost increased $ 105.0 billion (10.0 percent) during [fiscal year (FY)] 2017 to $ 1.2 trillion,” said the report. The huge sum constitutes the size of the ...

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Ben Bradley apology to Corbyn shared more than all 2018 Tory Party tweets combined

Imagine being so unpopular that your biggest social media success is an apology. Well for Ben Bradley it’s now reality after the hapless MP’s grovel to Jeremy Corbyn was shared more than all Tory Party tweets in 2018…combined! Twitter sharks circled around the Tory MP for Mansfield, Nottingham, this week as he made a humiliating apology to Labour leader Jeremy ...

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4 people confirmed dead, 4 more in hospital after Leicester explosion – police

Four people have been killed and four more injured in an explosion inside a building in Leicester, triggering power outages and a partial evacuation of the area. Local fire brigades, the ambulance service, and police in Leicestershire responded to reports of an explosion and fire at a building on Hinckley Road Monday morning, according to a police statement.Hinckley Road and ...

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Google says more than 40 carriers and device manufacturers now use its platform for RCS, the next generation of SMS

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is basically the standard for the next generation of text messaging, with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and others now offering features that go far beyond the standard SMS-based messaging apps that tend to ship with your phone — unless, of course, you are an Apple and iMessage user. As Google announced today, more than ...

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Turkey must develop ‘unmanned tanks’ & more as NATO refuses to share military tech – Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instructed the Turkish defense industry to develop a home-produced unmanned tank, and has criticized NATO states’ reluctance to share modern military technology with their ally Ankara. Ankara hopes to design, produce and deploy an unmanned tank to circumvent a technology gap that NATO countries are reluctant to fill, President Erdogan stated on Wednesday, unveiling the ...

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