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Tutankhamun’s bed and chariot moved to new museum in bid to lure more tourists to Cairo

Just beyond the Great Pyramids of Giza in the basement of Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum, which is set to be the world’s largest archaeological museum when it opens in 2018, Egyptian and Japanese restoration experts unpacked the pharaoh’s treasured artefacts from sealed wooden boxes. Some of the world’s oldest relics, including dozens belonging to King Tut, who ruled Egypt more ...

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Manchester police arrest three more men connected to bombing

Police in Manchester arrested three men Wednesday in connection with the gruesome bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert that killed 22 people and injured dozens more. The men were arrested in southern Manchester, local police said, a day after an unnamed 23-year-old was collared in connection with the blast. Investigators are hunting for clues on whether suicide bomber Salman Abedi, ...

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'Football is more important' Fury as Spanish TV host mocks Manchester terror victims

After being told of the attack, Antonio Jiménez, asked whether the venue had anything to do with Manchester United or Manchester City and said “football was the most important thing”. The TV show El Cascabel al Gato presenter’s comments were laughed at by a newspaper director Francisco Marhuenda, who was also on the programme. Mr Jiménez said: “Manchester Arena? This ...

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Mets need Matt Harvey to get his act together now more than ever

Matt Harvey stood on the dugout steps and just signed and signed. The controversial Mets righthander had just finished throwing and he was on his way back to the clubhouse when a young boy asked for an autograph. One led to at least 20 and as he stood there, the growing crowd was also trying to build him back up. ...

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Nick Carter's Family Wants Autopsy on Dad to Prevent More Deaths

Nick Carter’s Dad Family Wants AutopsyTo Prevent More Deaths 5/21/2017 12:50 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Bob Carter‘s kids don’t want their dad cremated just yet … they want an autopsy, but not because they believe foul play was involved in his death. Bob’s widow, Ginger, has already signed off on cremation papers. She tells us Bob was in bad health, so ...

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France to push for European Army NOW as it pushes Germany for more EU integration

The new Armed Forces Minister Sylvie Goulard announced her intention to get CLOSER to Germany over new President Emmanuel Macron’s fears countries will start to look after their own interests, and not those of the bloc. Goulard, a European expert, took the control of the renamed defence ministry last week. Mr Macron is set on pushing for greater defence integration. ...

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Man awarded more than £40,000 after losing testicle in horrifying attack

The 64-year-old attacker, a martial arts expert, delivered the life-changing blow to his 21-year-old victim after a petty feud spilled over into violence.  A court in the province of Ourense, northwestern Spain, heard how the two men were known to each other and had had a previous disagreement over the defendant walking his dogs without a lead. The defendant had ...

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More EU integration INEVITABLE: Mercron will be forced to federal EU or eurozone will DIE

Eurozone nations will have to find ways of working more closely together despite growing anti-EU sentiment in some countries and the fallout from Brexit. Analyst Antonio Barroso, managing director at Teneo Intelligence, told CNBC: “I think further integration is inevitable, especially if member states want to make the euro zone sustainable in the long term. “However, I don’t expect any ...

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Alan Thicke’s sons claim actor’s widow trying to get more money

Alan Thicke’s sons claim their stepmom is making a greedy grab for more of the late actor’s estate than she deserves. In a court filing obtained by the Daily News, the sons allege Tanya Callau also “threatened to make her claims fodder for ‘tabloid publicity’” if they didn’t “succumb to her demands.” Brothers Robin and Brennan Thicke said they felt ...

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More WannaCry-style cyberattacks possible ‘at a significant scale’, security experts warn

After the global cyberattack last week that affected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, officials have claimed the threat of ransomware is “unprecedented”. In a scathing blog post on the matter, Microsoft president Brad Smith said the attack should serve as a “wake-up call” to the US and other governments, to redouble their efforts to defend against such attacks. ...

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