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Bavaria rejects Angela Merkel's plan of paying out more money for eurozone

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder says he does not want German taxpayers to foot the bill for troubled European economies. He suggests the EU should solve the debt crisis first instead. Read more The move takes aim at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s agreement with France this week, as the German leader seeks to create a budget for the eurozone to strengthen ...

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Kim Jong-un is more popular than Nancy Pelosi among Republicans – poll

Despite once threatening to nuke the US, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has a higher favorability rating among Republicans than Nancy Pelosi, according to a new poll. Kim has spent much of his tenure as an enemy of their nation, but US Republicans appear to hold North Korea’s supreme leader in higher esteem than the Democrats’ House of Representatives leader. ...

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Google’s Datally app adds more ways to limit mobile data usage

In November, Google introduced Datally, a data-saving app largely aimed at emerging markets where users often rely on prepaid SIM cards, and don’t have access to all-you-can-eat unlimited data plans. The app lets users granularly control which apps can use data, which resulted in a 30% savings on data usage during pilot testing and now saves users 21%, on average. ...

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PR stunt or more? Robbie Williams' middle finger at FIFA World Cup opening puzzles Twitter community

Pop legend Robbie Williams unleashed a true avalanche of comments on Twitter after sticking up his middle finger while performing a song at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Russia. Twitter users were left puzzled as to why. Thousands of fans in the Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium sang in unison on Thursday with one of the UK’s most popular artists. ...

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Audit of NHS Trust’s app project with DeepMind raises more questions than it answers

A third party audit of a controversial patient data-sharing arrangement between a London NHS Trust and Google DeepMind appears to have skirted over the core issues that generated the controversy in the first place. The audit (full report here) — conducted by law firm Linklaters — of the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust’s acute kidney injury detection app system, Streams, which was co-developed ...

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Norway asks US to send more Marines and wants to keep them longer

Norway wants the United States to more than double the number of US Marines currently in the country – and lend them for longer. Oslo said Russia has no reason to object to the plan, but nonetheless expects a reaction from Moscow. Oslo will ask Washington to station 700 Marines on its territory, starting in 2019, compared with 330 currently. ...

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US issues more anti-Russia sanctions related to alleged cyber activity

Published time: 11 Jun, 2018 14:26 Edited time: 11 Jun, 2018 14:48 Washington has imposed new sanctions against Russia. The restrictive measures that affect three individuals and five entities were introduced in response to allegations of “cyber-activity” by Moscow, according to the US Treasury. The US has been conspicuously tight-lipped about the reasons behind the new restrictive measures. The US ...

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MSM talks about Trump’s hair, but not that he drops way more bombs than Obama – Lee Camp

Despite his promises to curtail Washington’s foreign interventions, Donald Trump has been a bigger warmonger than either Barack Obama or George W. Bush, says Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp. He notes that according to the Pentagon’s own statistics, over his two terms Bush unleashed an average of 24 bombs a day, a number that went up to 34 per day ...

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Florida issued 1000s of concealed carry permits without background checks for more than a year

A Florida agency in charge of vetting applicants for concealed gun carry permits didn’t run tens of thousands of them against an FBI database, as an employee could not log in. The state saw a spike of applications at the time. Read more The news, which has sent shockwaves across Twitter, is now being leveraged by Democrats and anti-gun advocates ...

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'Hero' hacker who shut down WannaCry faces 4 more charges, including lying to FBI

Marcus Hutchins, the hacker who stopped the WannaCry ransomware and was arrested by the FBI soon after, accused of creating and distributing malware himself, has asked for donations to cover legal costs as he faces more charges. The updated indictment was filed with the Wisconsin Eastern District Court earlier this week. It complements the original six-count indictment against Hutchins from ...

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