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More Cold War rhetoric used in Russia-US relations – Kremlin spokesman

With Russia on the rise, America and the West are feeling more and more uncomfortable, Kremlin spokesman told RT in an exclusive interview. He added that Moscow and Washington use more Cold War rhetoric in their relations now. President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he recognized the tell-tale signs of the Cold War, which in turn were regrettably reflected in ...

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More than 5,000 civilians leave Eastern Ghouta as militants begin withdrawal

Over 5,000 civilians have left Eastern Ghouta through humanitarian corridors on Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. The militants also reportedly began withdrawing from the area, as part of a deal with the Syrian government. “Starting from the early hours of March 22, more than 5000 civilians have come out through the checkpoints in Eastern Ghouta,” Russia’s Reconciliation Center in Syria ...

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Instagram will show more recent posts due to algorithm backlash

Instagram isn’t quite bringing back the chronological feed, but it will show more new posts and stop suddenly bumping you to the top of the feed while you’re scrolling. “With these changes, your feed will feel more fresh, and you won’t miss the moments you care about” Instagram writes. It should be more coherent to browse the app now that ...

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Battle of the sexes: Female soldiers more robust than men, Norwegian study finds

Far from being “the weaker sex” a new study has found that female soldiers can withstand demanding exercises just as well, if not better, than men. The research found that women were better equipped to endure extreme stress. The number of women serving in Norway’s military has continually risen since mandatory conscription for women was introduced in 2015, however surprisingly ...

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South Korea piles more trouble on Mark Zuckerberg's narrow shoulders

As Facebook stock takes a beating over the data row at home, the US company is facing new troubles abroad. South Korea has accused the social network of unfair practices. Read more The Korea Communication Commission (KCC) on Wednesday slapped Facebook with a 396 million won ($ 370,000) fine for violating a law against damaging the interests of users. The ...

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Get ready to start seeing more local ads on YouTube

YouTube’s video ad creation service aimed at helping small business reach YouTube viewers is now available more broadly across the U.S. The company announced this morning that YouTube Director onsite, as the service is called, is now live in over 170 U.S. cities, up from only 9 previously – Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, Tampa and ...

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House GOP plans to subpoena DOJ for more than 1mn documents related to Clinton email probe

Unhappy with the “very slow” ways of the Justice Department, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee want to subpoena it for one million missing documents related to the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private emails. The committee has received only a “tiny percentage” — about 3,000 of 1.2 million — of the documents they have requested, chairman of the committee, Rep. ...

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Regulators in the UK are also calling for more hearings into Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

As more details emerge about Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data in the U.S. presidential election, members of Parliament in the UK are joining congressional leadership in the U.S. to call for a deeper investigation and potential regulatory action. The Chair of parliamentary committee investigating “fake news”, the conservative MP Damian Collins, accused both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook of misleading ...

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‘A load of bull’: Duterte rejects ICC treaty, calls on more countries to leave

Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte has called on more countries to follow his lead and withdraw from the treaty underpinning the International Criminal Court (ICC). The firebrand strongman described the treaty as “bull” during an address at a graduation ceremony for army cadets, according to Rappler. “The treaty, if you read it, it’s all bull…,” Duterte said, seemingly stopping short of ...

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Facebook’s latest privacy debacle stirs up more regulatory interest from lawmakers

Facebook’s late Friday disclosure that a data analytics company with ties to the Trump campaign improperly obtained — and then failed to destroy — the private data of 50 million users is generating more unwanted attention from politicians, some of whom were already beating the drums of regulation in the company’s direction. On Saturday morning, Facebook dove into the semantics ...

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