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Apple offers more bonds to finance its $300 billion capital return program

Apple just started selling new bonds in order to finance a share buyback program and dividends for shareholders, as Bloomberg spotted in a filing. This is counterintuitive as Apple is sitting on a big pile of cash and probably doesn’t need to issue bonds. But most of the company’s cash is outside of the U.S. During Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings call, ...

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Amazon to add second Vancouver office and 1,000 more jobs by 2020

While Amazon has yet to reveal where in North America its second headquarters will be, the Seattle headquartered ecommerce behemoth has got Canadians excited by announcing it’s opening a second corporate office in Vancouver — and planning to double its staff headcount in the city, adding 1,000 additional jobs by 2020. Reuters suggests the move is in response to the ...

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Twitter posts a new version of its rules with updated sections on abuse, spam, violence and more

Twitter today published a new version of its rules, in an effort to further clarify its policies about abuse, spam, self-harm and other topics, as well as to better explain how it determines the appropriate action – like suspending an abuser’s account, for example. The company says the updated documentation doesn’t represent changes to the “fundamentals” of its policies; it ...

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‘US govt undermines democracy’ seeking more control over social media

Published time: 2 Nov, 2017 17:55 It’s preposterous that the US government purports to tell Americans what they are allowed to read on social media, says Daniel McAdams, executive director of Ron Paul Institute. He adds that it undermines US democracy. Technology and social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been in the hot seat before US Congress intelligence ...

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Navy proposes more sleep, training for sailors after ‘avoidable’ ship collisions

Multiple Navy reviews show human error caused two naval ship collisions that killed 17 sailors this year. The incidents could have been avoided with improved training and managing sailors’ fatigue while stationed overseas, the Navy finds. US Navy leaders have called for around 60 improvements across its Pacific fleet in the wake of the recent collisions. Admiral John Richardson, the ...

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Girl power: More Russian women join presidential race

Published time: 31 Oct, 2017 14:33 The head of Women’s Dialogue, a party affiliated with majority party United Russia, has told reporters of her intent to stand in the 2018 presidential elections. Yelena Semerikova means to use the promotion opportunities to support Vladimir Putin. In a recent interview with popular business daily Kommersant, Semerikova said that her decision to run ...

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Public school makes you 94 times more likely to join Britain’s elite

Published time: 31 Oct, 2017 11:58 Edited time: 31 Oct, 2017 12:37 Students attending Britain’s top public schools are 94 times more likely to join the highest ranks of society. That’s according to an analysis of Who’s Who by the London School of Economics (LSE). The study analyzed how pupils from Britain’s nine top, fee-charging schools made it onto the ...

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Canadian certified gold bar exposed as fake: how many more are out there?

Published time: 31 Oct, 2017 10:22 Edited time: 31 Oct, 2017 10:33 The Royal Canadian Mint has launched an investigation into the sale of a gold wafer that turned to be a fake. The one-ounce piece of gold was sealed and marked with proper mint stamps. On October 18, Ottawa jeweler Samuel Tang purchased a wafer, which was supposed to ...

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Catalonia independence ruled out, but more autonomy possible – Spanish FM

The political standoff between Madrid and Barcelona will not result in an independent Catalonia, but Madrid could, however, expand the region’s autonomy, Spain’s Foreign Minister said after his government sacked the regional authority and ordered snap elections. “I rule out full independence but not necessarily more autonomy, even if they are now already one of the regions with the highest ...

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More than a pipe dream: Musk reveals first photo of LA Hyperloop tunnel

Published time: 29 Oct, 2017 12:26 Elon Musk has revealed the first photo of the Boring Company’s tunnel beneath Los Angeles, as the billionaire industrialist continues his bid to develop a super-fast underground transit system in the city. The picture shows the prototype tunnel’s paneled walls, cables, and what appears to be a track running along the floor. The image ...

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