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AltspaceVR CEO joins Facebook months after selling his startup to Microsoft

After selling his social virtual reality startup to Microsoft in October, Eric Romo, the co-founder of AltspaceVR, is joining the competing social VR team at Facebook as its product director, where he will be “exploring how VR can help communities connect.” “It wasn’t an easy decision, but I left AltspaceVR with confidence that the team is well-placed to continue pushing ...

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Business as usual? ‘Americans can expect govt shutdown every 6 months’

Government shutdowns have become part and parcel of US politics, with the Donald Trump situation showing what Americans can expect to happen every six months, Patrick Henningsen, Executive Editor of 21st Century Wire.com, told RT. US President Donald Trump’s first anniversary in the White House is being marked by a new government shutdown, after the Senate refused to approve a ...

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4 months without a government: Is Germany better off this way?

After four months of political horse trading, Germany appears to be close to forming a new government, but with things humming along, it begs the question: Does the EU’s most powerful player actually need someone in charge? Following last week’s preliminary deal agreement, the Social Democratic Party will vote Sunday as to whether it should pursue coalition talks with Chancellor ...

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Bitcoin crashes below $10,000, losing over half its value since last month’s record

The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has lost over half its value since it smashed the $ 20,000 barrier in mid-December. The price of the cryptocurrency dropped to $ 9,555 at 15:00 GMT on Wednesday. “The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a serious attack from speculators,” Gleb Zadoya, head of analytics at Analitika Online said in email comments to RT. “The ...

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Swedish police find ‘no direct links’ after 4th gang rape rocks Malmo in 2 months

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 04:16 Yet another woman has been assaulted in the Swedish city of Malmo in another case of suspected gang rape, the fourth in just two months. The attacks come as activists started nightly street patrols to reassure the community. Police said they do not yet see any apparent link between the appalling attacks, amid the ...

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No sign of recovery for devastated Mosul after 5 months of freedom (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

RT Exclusive Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 11:19 Edited time: 26 Dec, 2017 11:37 Mosul was declared liberated from jihadists almost six months ago, but judging by its current state it could take years to clear the debris. Most of the city appears uninhabitable, although people can be found living in the ruins. An estimated 90 percent of Mosul was ...

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City of the dead: Mosul death toll continues to grow months after liberation (VIDEO)

RT Exclusive Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 05:53 The liberation of Mosul from ISIS came at a high cost, with the death toll continuing to rise as piles of civilian and terrorist corpses are pulled from the rubble daily, RT has discovered on a visit to the destroyed city. Mosul still reeks of death nearly six months after Iraqi forces ...

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Israel quits UNESCO over ‘attacks’ months after US withdrawal

Published time: 23 Dec, 2017 06:32 Edited time: 23 Dec, 2017 06:48 Following in the footsteps of the US, Israel announced its exit from UNESCO, citing the it’s “attacks” on the Jewish state. The move comes after 128 UN members voted to reject the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The decision was based on the UN-run agency’s “attempts ...

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Months after she was shot by police, Justine Damond’s family is still waiting for justice

Investigators still have not spoken to the police officer who shot dead an Australian-American woman while responding to her 911 call in Minneapolis, Minnesota, five months ago. The investigation into the shooting death of Justine Damond was being conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) before the case was submitted to the Hennepin County Attorney’s office for possible criminal ...

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N. Korea could nuke London in 18 months & UK armed forces ‘can’t deal with it’ – ex-military chief

A retired military chief has issued a grim warning: Britain’s “broken” army is 20 years out of date, its military is falling behind other comparative nations, and the threat of rogue players such as North Korea looms – and all the while, the UK government continues to slash the defense budget. Gen. Sir Richard Barrons, former Commander of the Joint ...

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