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Moment Soyuz rocket failed captured on camera from SPACE (PHOTOS)

Astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is one of three crew members currently aboard the International Space Station, captured the dramatic failed launch of the Russian Soyuz rocket in a stunning series of photographs. The photos, which Gerst posted to Twitter, clearly show the trail of the Soyuz rocket which on Thursday malfunctioned, forcing cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and astronaut Nick Hague to ...

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Live feed shows moment of dramatic booster failure before cutting off during Soyuz launch (VIDEO)

Breathtaking moments of the Soyuz dramatically aborting its mission were caught on a live feed of the event. The footage showed the ISS crew being severely shaken around as the booster failed mid-air before the feed cut out. “Booster’s failure,” 47-year-old Aleksey Ovchinin is heard saying in the live stream of the liftoff. Ovchinin and his colleague, NASA’s Nick Hague ...

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Meet Brett Kavanagh, the unfortunate Twitter namesake of the moment

With the nation’s eyes glued to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s bitter confirmation fight in recent weeks, spare a thought for Brett Kavanagh, a man who shares nothing with the judge except a closely-spelled last name. One guy’s a college sports fanatic who loves beer and football, the other is an average guy from Kentucky who saw his twitter mobbed ...

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WATCH moment Iranian Army parade is attacked by gunmen

Published time: 22 Sep, 2018 08:12 Edited time: 22 Sep, 2018 08:17 Dramatic footage made on the spot shows the moment assailants opened fire at troops participating in an Iranian Army parade in the southwestern city of Ahvaz. The video emerged shortly after the attack took place. A trembling camera records soldiers lying on the ground while multiple gunshots are ...

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‘Rockets falling, explosions over sea’: Witnesses recall moment of Israeli raid in Latakia (VIDEO)

Witnesses have described the Israeli raid in Syria’s Latakia that saw the Russian Il-20 plane tragically downed by an anti-aircraft rocket. Speaking to RT’s agency Ruptly, residents recalled rockets raining down and huge blasts. Local man Ammar Altounji said the incident unfolded when he was walking with his friends on Monday. “Suddenly we heard a sound, but we didn’t recognize ...

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WATCH moment presidential car smashes into truck in Moldova (VIDEO)

A dashcam video of a head-on collision involving a car in the motorcade of Moldovan President Igor Dodon has been released online. The footage appears to show the life-saving reaction of the presidential security team. The dramatic video was apparently filmed from a security detail vehicle said to be following Dodon’s black sedan. Footage shows the presidential motorcade traveling at ...

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Stormed off? Media dramatizes moment Monica Lewinsky leaves stage after off-limits Clinton question

Monica Lewinsky walked off stage at an event on Tuesday after being asked an ‘off-limits’ question about Bill Clinton — but mainstream outlets dramatized the moment, claiming she “stormed off” stage, prompting Twitter backlash. What actually happened was quite different from what was portrayed. When the interviewer at the Jerusalem Convention Center posed the first question, which was about the ...

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Pundits lose minds over ‘bipartisan’ candy-sharing moment between George W. Bush & Michelle Obama

Who knew Democrats and Republicans spoke to each other outside of work hours? Apparently not everyone, since the moment George Bush passed some candy to Michelle Obama at John McCain’s funeral sent social media into meltdown. The seemingly mundane moment — former President George W. Bush caught on camera handing some kind of sweet to the former First Lady — ...

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‘Photo coming soon’: White House coin marks Trump-Putin Helsinki summit as ‘historic moment’

Although US President Donald Trump has come under fire for daring to have a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White House is making no apologies. It’s even released a commemorative coin marking the event. The “Kremlin Summit in Helsinki” coin has been listed on the White House gift shop website for $ 100. However it can be purchased ...

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Stomach-churning VIDEO captures moment robbers mowed down victim in $75k smash & grab theft

CCTV footage of a vicious mugging has been released by Texas police showing thieves assaulting a woman carrying $ 75,000 in cash. The victim is in a critical condition after being run down by a getaway vehicle after fighting back. Three people have now been arrested following the attack in broad daylight last Friday. The latest suspect, a bank employee, ...

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