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Ex-Navy Seal dies on mission to deliver oxygen to Thai football team trapped in cave (LIVE)

The large-scale rescue effort to rescue a junior football team and their coach from a cave complex has claimed its first victim, a former Marine who died from lack of oxygen after bringing much-needed gas supplies to the group. The 38-year old rescuer was identified as former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan. The authorities have said he had volunteered to ...

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World's first floating nuclear power plant reaches Russia's Arctic for maiden mission

The first sea-borne nuclear power plant made in Russia has been towed to the country’s Arctic port of Murmansk, ready to undertake its first mission, generating electricity in remote locations. The water-borne power plant, named Akademik Lomonosov, was built by the state-run nuclear corporation Rosatom in St. Petersburg. The new vessel is set to pioneer a new power source for ...

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On the run: China boosts its lunar mission with satellite to talk to dark side of the Moon

China is launching a new satellite on Sunday as part of its ambitious Chang’e-4 mission to make the first-ever landing on the ‘dark side’ of the moon. The Queqiao relay satellite will be sent to Lagrange L2 Point, where it can maintain communication with both the far side of the moon and Earth. This is vital for phase two of ...

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Trump pins hope on ‘great financial team’ on trade mission in China

As the US Treasury Secretary arrived in Beijing for key talks, President Trump tweeted his support for the crucial mission aimed at negotiating a trade deal that he can present as “fair” and would stop the onset of a “tariff war.” “Our great financial team is in China trying to negotiate a level playing field on trade!,” Trump tweeted late ...

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‘Marsquakes’ mission: All you need to know about NASA’s InSight lander (VIDEO)

NASA’s new robotic geologist, Mars InSight lander, is due for take-off this weekend. Here, RT.com presents an explainer to help you understand what the mission is about, why it’s important and where is best to watch the launch. READ MORE: ‘Marsquakes’: NASA to probe seismic activity on Red Planet (VIDEO) What is it? The Mars InSight lander is a $ ...

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OPCW confirms UN team came under fire in Douma, mission delayed by security concerns

The OPCW fact-finding mission to Douma has been delayed from entering the town after a UN security team came under “small arms fire.” Contrary to a US claim, the watchdog made no mention of delays caused by Russia or Syria. A group from the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) tasked with surveying Douma visited two locations in the ...

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‘Mission accomplished': Trump praises 'perfectly executed' strike on Syria

US President Donald Trump has praised the US-led coalition missile strikes on Syria claiming the air raids were “perfectly executed.” In a tweet after the airstrikes in the early hours of Saturday morning, Trump thanked coalition partners France and the UK adding that the attacks “could not have had a better result.” A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you ...

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UNSC to meet on ‘threats to peace & security’ in wake of Syria chem attack reports – Russian mission

Russia has called a UN Security Council meeting for Monday, about threats to international peace and security, in the wake of reports of a chemical attack in Syria’s Douma. It will be followed by a meeting on the alleged incident. “A UN Security Council meeting is to be convened, at the initiative of Russia, at 3 p.m. (19:00 GMT) and ...

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