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Russia to hold biggest military drills since Soviet times – Defense Minister

Russia is preparing to hold the largest military exercises in decades. The drills, in which China and Mongolia will participate as well, will be of an “unprecedented” scale, the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said. A series of drills, which will hold a joint title ‘Vostok-2018’ will take place in Russia’s Siberia and Far East and will be “of unprecedented ...

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Russia to tighten adoption rules, lower limit on adopted kids for each family – minister

The Russian education minister has revealed plans to introduce tougher psychological tests for prospective adoptive parents, and lower the limit on adopted kids for each family with a view to preventing tragic incidents. “We are drafting into the parliament a motion that brings down the number of children that one family can adopt or take under guardianship,” Olga Vasilieva said ...

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US can’t force trade rules on others, Germany must invest more in Iran – economy minister

Washington cannot dictate trade rules to others, Germany’s economy minister said, adding that his country should be more assertive and defy American sanctions – particularly by investing more in Iran. “We don’t let Washington dictate [their will] on trade relations with other countries,” German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told Bild newspaper on Saturday. He said the US sanctions on Iran ...

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‘Ask your grandads’: Russian defense minister warns Germany against ‘strength & unity’ strategy

The Russian defense minister has reminded his German counterpart that approaching Moscow from a “position of unity and strength” is not the wisest idea, citing the bitter history of WWII that should’ve made Berlin more prudent. “We are open for dialogue. We are ready for a normal cooperation, but not at all from a position of strength,” Sergey Shoigu told ...

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Condi Rice told me Saakashvili was ‘off the leash' – Russia’s ex-defence minister on S.Ossetia war

Condoleezza Rice, who served as US State Secretary in 2008, admitted that the then-president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, was ‘off the leash’ after Tbilisi attacked South Ossetia, a former Russian defence minister has said. Any impartial observer would understand that the Georgian operation in South Ossetia was solely “the gamble of Saakashvili,” Sergey Ivanov who served as Defence Minister until ...

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‘Butcher’ no more? Assad in charge of Syria good for our security, says Israeli defense minister

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman says the looming victory for Damascus may be good news for the Jewish state, suggesting President Bashar Assad can be worked with on issues vital to national security. Speaking about the long confrontation between Israel and Syria, Lieberman told journalists that “from our perspective, the situation is returning to how it was before the [Syrian] ...

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‘Right thing to do’: French ban on cell phones in schools backed by Russian education minister

The French ban on cell phones in schools is the right thing to do, Russia’s education minister has said, adding that Russian authorities would consult with schoolchildren’s parents before taking similar steps. “I think that this is a right thing to do. It is right to question the rationality of such behavior, because in the second, third or fourth grade ...

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Israeli minister threatens ‘broad military operation’ against Gaza

Israel is doubling down on its belligerent rhetoric, as the public security minister says the army might launch a large-scale assault on Gaza. He warns the attack could be as massive as the bloody 2014 war. The government will be forced “to return to a broad military operation” in Gaza if Hamas doesn’t stop attacking Israel, Gilad Erdan warned on Thursday. ...

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Plane carrying Paraguayan agriculture minister and 3 others crashes

A plane carrying Paraguayan Agriculture Minister Luis Gneiting has been found by search and rescue teams after it went missing on Wednesday evening, an official at the country’s aviation authority told local radio. The aircraft was found 6km away from Ayolas airport, where it took off. It was en route to the country’s capital, Asuncion, according to Luis Aguirre, head ...

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NATO cannot put up with Russia’s increasing independence – Defense Minister Shoigu

The NATO bloc cannot stand Russia being an independent player in international politics and tries to prevent this by boosting its military presence in Eastern Europe, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has stated. “NATO member countries make various attempts to prevent Russia from becoming their geopolitical competitor, even more so because we have allies. They use various organizations, including the ...

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