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Bitcoin miners are using as much energy as Ireland – study

The process of mining new bitcoin is now so intensive that computers carrying out the process are using nearly as much electricity as the entire country of Ireland. A new study by economist Alex de Vries estimates that bitcoin mining consumes at least 2.55 gigawatts of electricity and, by the end of the year, that will have risen to 7.67 ...

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Chinese bitcoin miners consider setting up in energy-rich Canada

The mounting pressure by Chinese authorities on the country’s cryptocurrency industry is forcing mining companies to look for alternatives, and Canada is one of the preferred hot spots. Read more Bitmain Technologies, the operator of some of the largest mining farms in China, is among several companies looking to expand overseas. The company’s spokesman, Nishant Sharma, told Reuters that it ...

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SEE IT: John Oliver rips Donald Trump for lying to coal miners

John Oliver has some coal for Donald Trump’s stocking. The “Last Week Tonight” host ripped the President’s soft approach towards the coal industry and said he “needs to stop lying to coal miners.” During his presidential campaign, Trump spent a lot of time in coal country promising to bring back jobs to miners. However, Oliver pointed out Trump may actually ...

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