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Apple says iCloud China data migration notice sent to some users in error

Apple says that an email sent to users with Apple IDs with locations not set to China that their iCloud data was being moved to a Chinese company’s servers was done so accidentally. The Cupertino tech giant had announced Wednesday that next month it will begin the process of moving Chinese users’ iCloud data to servers hosted in China by ...

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Apple’s China iCloud data migration sweeps up international user accounts

Apple’s plan to migrate China-based iCloud user accounts to a local host on Chinese soil is already running into controversy after the iPhone-maker included accounts registered overseas in the data. China-based users were informed of the upcoming migration yesterday, which Apple said “will allow us improve the speed and reliability of our iCloud services products while also complying with newly passed ...

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Trump says ‘chain migration’ led to NYC terrorist attack, calls to abolish family visas

In the wake of the botched NYC terrorist attack, President Donald Trump has called for an end to the so-called “chain migration” and told Congress to act in order to thwart future incidents like the one carried out in a tunnel in midtown Manhattan. Trump issued a statement Monday after the morning’s terrorist attack, allegedly carried out by Bangladeshi-native and ...

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‘Terrorist migration may turn Afghanistan into next ISIS stronghold after defeat in Syria & Iraq’

Decades of instability and weakened security forces make Afghanistan one of the most probable new IS destinations after the terrorist groups’ defeat in Syria and Iraq, Nikita Mendkovich, political analyst from the Russian International Affairs Council, told RT. On Sunday, the Iraqi government announced the country was “totally liberated” from terrorists and that the war against Islamic State (IS, formerly ...

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‘Illegal migration led to terror in EU, needs to be stopped’ – Hungarian FM

Budapest has dismissed the possibility of compromise with the EU on the migrant rehousing issue, rejecting the proposed plan on “fair share” distribution of asylum seekers, designed to replace the mandatory quota system. “Hungary’s view on migration is clear and rock steady: We think illegal immigration is dangerous. Because of illegal immigration, Europe has never had to face the kind ...

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US quits UN global compact for migration as ‘inconsistent’ with sovereignty

The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has announced Washington’s withdrawal from the process to create a global compact aimed at facilitating international migration, as it goes against the American idea of sovereignty. In a statement Saturday, Haley said that then-President Obama’s decision to commit the US to the process by signing the non-binding New York Declaration for Refugees ...

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Muslim population in Europe to triple by 2050, even with ‘zero migration’ – study

Europe’s Muslim population will multiply even if all migration stops permanently, a study has found. On the other hand, high migration sees predictions of some 76 million Muslims dwelling in Europe by 2050. A revealing survey by Pew Research Center, ‘Europe’s Growing Muslim Population’, looks at the future of the 25.8 million Muslims currently residing in European countries. Citing a ...

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Trump says NY terrorist helped 23 others move to US, pushes to end migration lottery

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 02:27 US President Donald Trump is invoking Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Manhattan to pass the RAISE Act, which would terminate the Diversity Visa Program. Central to that effort is President Trump’s claim that suspected terrorist Sayfullo Saipov brought 23 Uzbeks with him under the Diversity Visa Program after he immigrated to the US in 2010. ...

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Migration main cause of ‘frightening’ growth in UK population, official figures reveal

Published time: 26 Oct, 2017 15:20 New figures reveal migration is the main cause behind estimates that the UK’s population will swell by 3.6 million over the next 10 years, the equivalent of a city the size of Cardiff. It is expected to reach 70 million by 2029. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK population will ...

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Migration crisis: New alarm as surge of Albanian migrants head over to UK on ferries

In the past few months, several hundred were caught in the ports of Vlissingen, Hook of Holland, Rotterdam and IJmuiden – which have direct crossings to England. It is not known how many others succeeded in reaching Britain.  While the total number of migrants caught – 440 in the first six months of the year – is similar to the ...

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