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EU encourages migration by offering large social benefits, why would the flow stop? – Putin

The flow of migrants arriving in European countries is unlikely to stop until the EU itself addresses the issue and reviews its policies, which effectively “encourage” immigration, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. The European Union should address immigration and should not expect the problem to somehow fix itself, Putin said on Tuesday, following talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor ...

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BFFs: Viktor Orban says Italy’s Salvini is his ‘hero’ ahead of Tuesday meeting on migration

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has revealed himself as a huge fan of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who he called his “hero” in advance of a meeting between the pair in Milan on Tuesday. Orban did not mince words about his love for Salvini as he left a restaurant in the city ahead of the meeting, saying that the ...

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New German movement aims to stem migration & offer direction to ‘weak and split’ EU left

The leader of Germany’s Left Party Sahra Wagenknecht has launched a new political movement called ‘Stand Up,’ which aims to be a voice for workers and to unite a divided left across Europe. While left-wing and not against immigration on principle, the new ‘Aufstehen’ movement presents a case for limiting the number of migrants coming to Germany looking for work, ...

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‘We need new EU Commission’: Hungarian PM launches scathing attack over migration policy

In another sign of discord over migration inside the EU, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for a new commission that can hammer out a practical solution to the crisis, saying the current one has “no significance.” Orban took a swipe at the executive body for condemning those countries which insist they are protecting their borders from migrants. He ...

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Libya, migrants & karma: Europe's new migration policy wrecks on North African reality

The EU’s new plan to create refugee camps in North Africa is unlikely to ever work, as it’s never considered the situation on the ground – something that Europe helped create when it intervened in Libya, experts warn. Years of unending migrant influx have apparently stretched both the capacity and hospitality of some European nations to the limit. While the ...

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‘Threat to the world’: Hungary to pull out of ‘extreme’ UN migration pact

Hungary has said it will withdraw from a new UN migration pact before its final approval and called the agreement a “threat to the world.” The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was approved by every UN member nation except the United States, which withdrew from the agreement last year. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the pact ...

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Leader of German Social Democrats confirms agreement on migration – no unilateral action, no camps

Published time: 5 Jul, 2018 19:27 Edited time: 5 Jul, 2018 19:44 The German ruling coalition has reached an agreement on migration policy, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and the head of the Social Democratic Party, Andrea Nahles, have confirmed. The new policy envisages speeding-up the processing of asylum requests but would not involve the creation of any special camps ...

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'German migration deal is a stopgap measure, problem will come up again soon'

Merkel says migrants should be sent back to the countries that first registered them as asylum seekers but Greece, Italy, Spain, France aren’t happy about this and it’s unlikely to work, political analyst George Szamuely told RT. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has narrowly managed to patch things up with her partners in a three-month-old coalition government which seemed close to ...

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Testing Tolerance: Sweden’s ultra liberal migration policy gets a reality check

Published time: 2 Jul, 2018 12:47 Sweden, which allowed most immigrants per capita among EU members, is facing a right-wing backlash as people blame the government of being willfully blind to the problems this has caused, a new RT documentary has found. Welcoming almost 250,000 asylum seekers with open arms in 2014-2015 seemed like a no-brainer for the majority of ...

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German interior minister Seehofer offers resignation in migration clash with Merkel – reports

Bavarian CSU leader and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has offered to resign from both of his government posts due to severe disagreements with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her migration policy, local media report. While Seehofer, who has spearheaded the opposition to Merkel’s approach to tackling immigration problems, has not officially submitted his resignation, sources at a closed CSU presidency ...

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