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Good match? Merkel & Social Democrats still at odds on major issues as coalition talks gets underway

Angela Merkel is apparently doing her best trying to hammer out a coalition deal with the Social Democrats to finally get a functioning government. However, it could prove to be a dead lift, as RT unpacks the stumbling blocks. On Sunday, Merkel’s conservative bloc consisting of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian ally, the (CSU), embarked on negotiations ...

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Merkel starts grand coalition talks as poll shows 52% want her off ballot in 'new election'

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel tries to secure a fourth term at the helm of a new grand coalition, a poll has shown a majority would rather vote again. The results also suggest Merkel should not be on the ballot. Three months after Germans went to the polls, they are still without a government. Their frustration is apparently growing, with ...

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Merkel, Seehofer & Schulz named ‘worst German politicians’ of 2017 – poll

Published time: 28 Dec, 2017 19:22 Germans have named their worst politicians of 2017. Angela Merkel, Horst Seehofer and Martin Schulz, who are struggling to form a ruling coalition, have scored the best of the worst, a new poll has found. The results of the survey, conducted by the Kantar Emnid pollster on behalf of the Funke media group was ...

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Mini-gallows for Merkel, Gabriel allowed to be sold in Germany

A German businessman has been allowed to sell miniature gallows “reserved” for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Prosecutors found the handicraft to be “satirical souvenirs” and even “works of art.” An owner of a small online shop located in the eastern German town of Chemnitz has put miniature souvenir gallows on sale. The wooden crafts have notes ...

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Relatives of Berlin terrorist attack victims accuse Merkel of failing to counter terrorist threat

The families of those killed in Berlin’s Christmas market attack last year have lambasted Angela Merkel in an open letter. They particularly accused the German chancellor of “inaction” in the face of terrorism and negligence toward the attack victims. Read more The attack, during which a Tunisian asylum seeker, Anis Amri, drove a truck into the crowded Christmas market on ...

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Merkel, out of step with most Germans, opposes calling new election

Published time: 25 Nov, 2017 17:52 Germany’s Angela Merkel says she opposes new elections after her proposed coalition dissolved last weekend. However, according to surveys, a majority of Germans favor returning to the polls, illustrating the growing disconnect between the chancellor and the electorate. “The people voted. And I absolutely do not favor, if we can’t do anything with the ...

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‘Merkel is on a destructive course, refuses to correct her policies’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s momentum is clearly downward, and she is going to be in an even weaker position if snap elections are called. She should step aside and recognize time has been called, political experts told RT. After talks on forming a coalition government collapsed, Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to seek advice from German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The ...

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Merkel coalition talks crash: What options left for Germany’s ‘eternal chancellor’?

Angela Merkel’s gift for substituting compromise for vision will not bail her out now that deep-seated rifts have appeared across the German political establishment, but at least for the moment, all solutions to the crisis go through the 12-year Chancellor. At her peak, Mutti (“Mum”) was hailed as a mother figure for the entire nation, prudently and calmly cutting across ...

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The end of Merkel? Open-door migrant policy sends coalition running for the exits

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing an unprecedented political crisis that could upend her image as the “new leader of the west” after the Free Democrats (FDP) abruptly pulled out of negotiations with Merkel’s conservative bloc and the Greens. Responses to the failed negotiations were immediate. The euro plunged to a 2-month low against the yen, and a planned meeting ...

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Merkel replaced Germany’s slaughtered Jews with their 'worst enemies' – Karl Lagerfeld

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 16:10 German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has accused Angela Merkel of replacing the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust with their “worst enemies,” apparently referring to the German leader’s policy of accepting refugees from mostly Muslim countries. “One cannot – even if there are decades between them – kill millions of Jews so you ...

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