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Meet Maged1: The gene behind cocaine addiction and associated behaviors

While the release of dopamine in our brains when we eat, sleep, have sex and do drugs is a known phenomenon, scientists have discovered the gene that controls how much of it you get, and why you may be addicted. Published in EMBO Reports, the discovery was made by a Belgian team from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Led by ...

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France’s Macron will meet Putin at time of World Cup final – French official

Emmanuel Macron will have a meeting with Vladimir Putin when the French president attends the FIFA World Cup finals in Russia, Reuters said citing a French official. Signals of a possible meeting have also been coming from Kremlin sources on Wednesday. Macron watched the French team beat Belgium in St. Petersburg on Tuesday. The match for the champion title will ...

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Tesla skips critical brake tests on Model 3 vehicles to meet production goal

Shares in electric car producer Tesla plummeted seven percent after the company announced it is skipping the standard brake test on its Model 3 sedans in its Fremont factory to meet production deadline. Read more According to internal documents seen by Business Insider, Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to have asked company engineers to remove the brake-and-roll test from the ...

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Trump to meet Putin regardless of ‘noise’ at home as it’s in US national interest – Bolton

Donald Trump will hold talks with Vladimir Putin, despite criticism in the US, as such a meeting is in America’s national interest, the utterly diplomatic US National Security Adviser John Bolton told reporters in Moscow. Bolton, who arrived in Russia to prepare the summit and met with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, said that both the US and Russian presidents ...

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Russia & Saudi Arabia to talk oil on World Cup sidelines as teams meet on pitch

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. They plan to discuss oil, amongst other things. The world’s top crude producers are key partners in the OPEC+ deal, which is designed to prop up oil prices by cutting global output. Read more However, oil dipped ...

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Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators meet in Singapore (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lookalikes turned heads in Singapore on Saturday when they staged a bizarre summit of their own in a shopping center over a seafood dinner. The real-life peace summit between the two world leaders is set to take place next Tuesday. But before Trump and Kim attempt to solve the political crisis plaguing ...

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What’s on at Bilderberg? Secretive group of rich people meet on Russia, populism in EU & inequality

A select group of some of the world’s richest and most powerful people is getting together this week for the annual Bilderberg Group meeting, attracting controversy and conspiracy theories due to its elite and secretive nature. This year’s gathering, which will be the 66th annual meeting of the mysterious group, takes place in Turin, Italy, between June 7-10. The meeting ...

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Google’s Hangouts Meet will soon be compatible with hardware from Polycom and Cisco

G Suite is about to get a slew of new integrations. Hangouts Meet, for example, is Google’s designated video conferencing solution for businesses, but while it’s easy enough to use, most businesses have already invested in similar solutions from the likes of Polycom and Cisco — or they have opted for Microsoft’s Skype for Business as their go-to service. Soon, however, ...

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Protesters meet US military convoys streaming through Europe ‘preparing for war’

Dozens of US military convoys will be hogging Europe’s roadways this week as part of an exercise designed to improve transportation logistics on the continent in case of war. But not all locals are happy about it. Read more Destined for the three Baltic states and Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, the convoys are part of a brigade of 3,300 ...

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