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Feign outrage, act surprised, accuse Russia: How Sweden reacts every time after mass car firebombing

More than 1,800 cars have been set on fire in Sweden since January and a record was reached this week as more than 100 were torched over several hours. After every incident, the same pantomime plays out, as if for the first time. In this spectacle every actor, from righteous government politicians to confused police officers to concerned academics has ...

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US high school students to receive ‘trauma training’ to prepare for ‘mass casualty events’ – report

High school-age children in the United States are set to receive “life-saving trauma training” funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in an effort to prepare them for “mass casualty events”. The DHS has issued a $ 1.8 million grant to create the program, according to federal procurement documents obtained by The Young Turks (TYT) news organization. The ‘School-Age ...

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Mass protest in Israel over ‘discriminating’ nation-state law

Tens of thousands are protesting in Tel Aviv against ‘nation-state’ law that prioritized Jewish values in Israel and has been criticized as discriminating sparking local and international condemnation. Protesters have been holding signs “If we are brothers we must be equals”  and “Our force is in our unity – the nation-state law differentiates between us,” according to the Haaretz newspaper. They ...

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Graphic video of Thurman Blevins shooting that sparked mass protests is released by police

Body camera footage has been made public, which shows the chasing of and the shots that killed Thurman Blevins, an African American whose death in June led to mass protests in Minneapolis. The video shows two officers, Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly, driving in a car as they were responding to a 911 call about a man firing a gun ...

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Mass ‘religious’ suicide? 11 bodies found in India’s capital, most blindfolded & hanged (GRAPHIC)

An Indian family of 11 has been found dead in New Delhi, with 10 members blindfolded and hanging from a ceiling. Initial reports indicate a twisted spiritual mass suicide attempt, but police aren’t discounting other possibilities. The bodies of seven women and four men were discovered in the Burari suburb of the Indian capital on Sunday by their neighbor, who ...

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Fighting football: Italy’s oldest game of soccer looks like a mass brawl (VIDEO)

A blend of gratuitous violence and athleticism, the Calcio Storico saw spectators pour into the grounds of Florence’s Santa Croce basilica to watch fully grown men brawl to victory in Italy’s oldest game of soccer. Dating back to the 16th Century, the Calcio Storico, or Historic Football, is the beautiful game – but with two black eyes and a dislocated ...

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‘Volcano music’ is key to avoiding a mass death and destruction – study

It sounds a lot like a pipe organ, but a newly-discovered phenomenon known as ‘volcano music’ could be key to understanding when a volcanic peak will next erupt. READ MORE: Gems, toxic gas & lava eggs: The strangest things to emerge from Kilauea eruption Scientists first heard musical notes emanating from the Cotopaxi volcano in central Ecuador in 2015. The ...

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Two killed & 4 injured in mass shooting in Malmo, Sweden

Two young men were killed and four people were wounded in a shooting in the Swedish city of Malmo. Up to 20 rounds were fired, according to witnesses, and police are still looking for the perpetrators. The attack happened around 8pm local time (6pm GMT) in the Drottninggatan area of the city, which has been described as “quiet” place by ...

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‘Mass extinction’ volcanic eruptions could wipe out life on Earth, new study claims

Devastating volcanic eruptions, caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere, could one day lead to the mass extinction of all marine animals, and possibly all life on Earth – so says a new study. The dire warning comes amid dramatic seismic events in Guatemala and Hawaii, where hundreds of people have been either killed or displaced from their homes in ...

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Liege mass killer on ‘radical watchlist,’ attack designated ‘terrorist act’

The Liege attack which left three dead, along with the gunman, was a “terrorist murder,” Belgium’s federal magistrate said Wednesday. On Tuesday, Benjamin Herman attacked two policewomen in Liege, Belgium with a knife. He then seized a gun from one of the officers before shooting both women dead. A man in a nearby car was also fatally wounded by gunfire. ...

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