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Another ‘fake chemical attack’ would trigger major crisis in Syria, UK ex-envoy to Damascus tells RT

There is a real risk that the West could use another alleged chemical attack to justify actions in Syria which could spark a dangerous crisis, former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford told RT. Speaking on RT’s political show CrossTalk with Peter Lavelle, Ford warned that Syria watchers were too focused on a potential crisis in the Golan Heights (Syrian ...

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Major Chinese banks ditching US dollar to prop up domestic currency

China’s state-owned banks have reportedly been buying US dollars in forwards on behalf of the central bank (PBOC) and immediately selling them into the spot market to support the yuan. PBOC deputy governor and head of the foreign exchange regulator Pan Gongsheng said China was confident it could keep the yuan basically stable and at a “reasonable” level. “It feels ...

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Baikonur ban: Russia prohibits social networks at major space facility in Kazakhstan

The head of the Kazakhstan-based Russian space launch facility, Baikonur, has banned all staff from using social networks in a bid to boost security and discipline. “In order to prevent any leaks of classified information and to strengthen work discipline all workers of the facility are forbidden from using personal mobile phones and tablets for accessing websites, social networks and ...

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New Russian space boss proclaims ‘10 commandments’ for major industry revamp

The newly appointed director of the Russian state space corporation Roskosmos has said space exploration is very much like a religion for Russians and revealed the “10 commandments” that would be used under his leadership. “As I have already said, quoting from Sakharov, the meaning of our life is our expansion. Expansion in space and on the Earth and also ...

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Supreme Court upholds travel ban in major win for Trump

The US Supreme Court has sided with the Trump administration, upholding the travel ban it had imposed on seven Muslim-majority nations. In a 5-4 ruling the conservative majority of the top judicial body made the final decision in one of the first major controversies of the current presidency. The ban, which was passed in September 2017 by a presidential proclamation ...

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Major oil spill spreads across Iowa floodwaters, forcing evacuations after train derails (VIDEO)

Drone footage released by authorities in Iowa shows oil spreading across flooded fields following a devastating train derailment. Dozens of damaged cars are seen piled on the broken train tracks near the Rock River. The 33-car freight train carrying oil from Alberta, Canada, derailed on Friday morning near Doon in Lyon County, Iowa. The BNSF Railway Company has not revealed ...

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Russia may take part in major railroad project linking the Arabian peninsula

Russian Railways is interested in an opportunity to construct the Trans-Arabian Railway, a gigantic project that seeks to connect Gulf countries with a 2,100km of track. “Saudi Arabia approved a program of infrastructure development until 2030. It contains a railway component and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Saudi Arabia is currently preparing a tender for implementation of this ...

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South Africa’s sharp economic decline a major blow to President Ramaphosa's reforms

South Africa’s national statistical service has revealed the worst quarterly contraction of country’s economy in nearly a decade after Cyril Ramaphosa ousted Jacob Zuma from leadership. From January through March, the country’s GDP declined by 2.2 percent against the previous three months, Stats SA said on Tuesday. That’s the biggest drop since the first quarter of 2009, when the economy ...

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Soros: EU facing major financial crisis, but I've a plan to save Europe

A surging dollar and capital flight from emerging markets may lead to another “major” financial crisis, veteran investor George Soros has warned the EU. Speaking in Paris on Tuesday at a meeting organized by think tank the European Council on Foreign Relations, he said that the European Union is facing an imminent existential threat. “Everything that could go wrong has ...

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WHO may declare international emergency as Ebola outbreak reaches major city in Congo

The Ebola outbreak in Congo risks running out of control with the first suspected case reported in a city of over 1 million. The WHO has called an emergency meeting over a health crisis of potentially “international concern.” Previously the disease was suspected in patients only in rural parts of the country, but reaching the city of Mbandaka makes the ...

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