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US media’s love affair with war: Major outlets showed zero opposition to Syria strikes – survey

Media cheerleading for foreign conflict is nothing new. Coverage of President Trump’s latest airstrikes on Syria was no different, with no major newspaper’s editorial board opposing the strikes, according to a survey. “Trump was right to strike Syria,” read the Washington Post. “One night’s good work,” read the New York Post. “We should feel proud as Americans. We did the ...

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A minor cryptocurrency partners with a major porn network. What could go wrong?

Yesterday brought some interesting news in the cryptocurrency space. In a move that is at once sleazy and ridiculous, PornHub and its tech arm MindGeek announced a partnership with the creators of VergeCoin (XVG), an anonymized cryptocurrency in the vein of Monero that is currently trading at 7 cents, down from an all-time high of about 26 cents during a ...

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Russian aluminum major losing Japanese market after being sanctioned by US

Top commodity dealers in Japan have asked United Company RUSAL to stop shipping refined aluminum and other products after the Russian firm was added to the US sanctions list. “We have requested RUSAL stop shipments of aluminum for our term contracts as we can’t make payment in US dollars and we don’t want to take the risk of becoming a ...

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Robot rights a major threat to humans – AI experts slam EU plan

A group of 150 robotics experts are hoping to short circuit any plans the European Union might have to give machines legal status, suggesting it could dilute human rights. In an open letter, scores of researchers in the field of science and ethics have put their weight behind opposing a European Parliament report, which recommends sophisticated robots be given an ...

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Backlash as rap album with Holocaust lyrics takes major German music gong (VIDEO)

A top German music ceremony has spectacularly hit the wrong note by presenting a rap duo accused of anti-semitic lyrics with a prize on Holocaust Remembrance Day. At the ECHO music awards, which saw tops artists such as Kylie Minogue and Rita Ora attend, the rap album ‘Young, Brutal and Handsome 3’ by Kollegah and Farid Bang was recognized for ...

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Danger of miscalculation: Escalation over Syria could lead to major conflict – Israeli Air Force vet

Even though the continued escalation of tensions over the situation in Syria is unlikely to spiral into a full-scale world war, it can still lead to a major regional conflict, Reuven Ben-Shalom, an Israeli Air Force veteran, said. Read more The conflict in Syria remains a source of a major international security concerns as “global powers are at play” there, ...

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Global metals market in limbo as US crushes major Russian aluminum producer

The inclusion of Russia’s aluminum giant RUSAL on the US sanctions list may significantly alter the metals market, threatening to break global supply chains and spark a deficit in the crucial industrial metal. Aluminum futures surged by nearly 10 percent in London after the US Treasury Department sanctioned RUSAL and its owner Oleg Deripaska Friday. Read more Metal stocks have ...

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Major E. Ghouta highway cleared after 7-year militant blockade (DRONE FOOTAGE)

The Syrian Army has announced that it has lifted the militant blockade of a major highway connecting Damascus to the rest of the country. A Ruptly drone has captured the destruction wrought by seven years of fighting. The army said it has liberated all of the settlements in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta from militant forces, and restored government ...

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Space 'cat blood': Scientists on ISS a whisker away from major medical breakthrough

Japanese scientists hoping to breathe new life into healthcare services have successfully crystallized proteins in space that can be used in the making of artificial blood. The process has been inspired by cats. The somewhat extraterrestrial solution was created on board the International Space Station’s Kibo laboratory recently with the aim of replicating cat blood, reported Asahi Shimbun. The experimental ...

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Major crypto exchange gets e-money license & seals banking deal with Barclays

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest exchanges for crypto-trading, has received a permit for services from the UK regulator and obtained a bank account at one of the biggest European lenders, Barclays. The step, which marks the first act of major cooperation between the British bank and the cryptocurrency exchange, is aimed at easing access to Coinbase products for UK ...

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