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Amazon now lets you share your custom skills made with Alexa Blueprints

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced “Alexa Blueprints” – a way for anyone to create their own customized Alexa skills for personal use, without needing to know how to code. Today, the company will allow those skills to be shared with others, including through text messages, email, messaging apps like WhatsApp, or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The ...

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Facebook says software bug made 14mn users’ private posts public

Facebook has revealed that up to 14 million of its users had their privacy settings accidentally changed by a software bug – causing some posts that were intended to be private to be made public. The company confirmed that some 14 million users were affected by the bug between May 18 and May 22. The bug automatically updated the audience ...

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Twitter on fire after Pope Francis reportedly tells a gay man that 'God made him like this'

Social media was set ablaze as some praised and others questioned the integrity of Pope Francis after a gay man claimed the head of the Roman Catholic Church told him: “God made you this way.” Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of clerical sexual abuse, told Spanish El Pais that Pope Francis assured him of God’s love regardless of his homosexuality. ...

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Head of Czech lab that made 'Novichok' fired, reasons unknown

The Czech Defense Minister has fired the head of the military laboratory who said his lab had made a ‘Novichok’-related chemical for testing. His statement was earlier called ‘unfortunate’ by the country’s Prime Minister. “I thank Bohuslav Safar for a long time at the head of the Military Research Institute,” the ministry website quotes Defense Minister Carla Slechtova. Safar remains ...

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‘He was born in Chechnya, but France made him a criminal’ – Kadyrov on Paris knife attacker

The Chechen leader says France is responsible for the acts of Hassan Azimov, who was born in the Caucasian Republic before moving as a child. Azimov was shot dead after stabbing five people and killing one in Paris on Saturday. “I think it important to note that the entire responsibility for the fact that Hassan Azimov chose the path of ...

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Mock-up of ‘lovelorn skunk’ Pepe Le Pew made me giggle – Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has laughed off an Australian newspaper’s front page mock-up of him as ‘Pepe Le Pew’ after a linguistic faux pas saw him call the wife of Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull ‘delicious.’ Macron made the tongue-twisting fumble at the end of an official visit Down Under. While speaking alongside Turnbull, Macron took the opportunity to thank the ...

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Drain the swamp? Trump made it worse – poll

More than two thirds of Americans believe that US President Donald Trump has failed to deliver on his cornerstone campaign promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC, a new poll has found. The freshly released poll from Monmouth University found that 37 percent of Americans think that Trump has not really changed anything about the DC culture and a ...

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Dubai firm commissioned Qatar-smearing film from American who made fake news for Iraq war

When Gulf states cut ties with Doha in 2017 over its alleged support of terrorism, tensions were aided by a Dubai firm that hired a man to create an anti-Qatar video. That same man also led a US propaganda project in Iraq. Charles Andreae is the owner of the firm Andreae & Associates, which was contracted in August 2017 to ...

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From fake news to fake experts: MSM discover oft-cited 'student loan reporter' was made up

CNBC, Fox News and the Washington Post all cited a self-described journalist to support their stories on student loans, but failed to check if the “expert” was actually a real person, bringing trust in media sources into question. Drew Cloud, described as the founder of the Student Loan Report and a journalist who “wanted to funnel his creative energy into ...

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‘Not made for the business machine’: DJ Avicii’s family confirms Swedish star took his own life

The family of Swedish dance DJ Avicii has confirmed he died from an apparent suicide. The 28-year-old “wanted peace” and “could not go on any longer,” according to the newly released open letter. The Grammy-nominated musician, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was found dead on April 20 in Muscat, Oman, where he had been on holiday with friends. Tim ...

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