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Video of Macron puzzled by ‘illegal’ migrants who say they lived in France for 8 years (VIDEO)

French Twitter users have ripped Macron apart after a video featuring his conversation with ‘illegal’ migrants, who have lived in France without documents for 8 years, went viral. Many thought the whole conversation was a farce. The exchange between the head of state and a group of Algerians in Marseille, a popular destination for migrants from North Africa, was captured ...

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'Love story over': Macron says EU can't rely on US for security – is it time to start wooing Russia?

Emmanuel Macron’s remark that Europe can’t rely on the US for security, along with hints at rapprochement with Russia, show a rift in EU-Washington ties – a relationship that’s crumbling amid pressure to end sanction policies. “Europe can no longer rely on the United States for its security,” the French President said in a recent foreign policy speech in Paris. ...

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Macron doubles down after Orban & Salvini declare opposition to him as ‘pro-migration leader’

French President Emmanuel Macron said leaders of Hungary and Italy were right to see him as their main opponent, upping the ante in the bitter European debate over immigration policies. Macron accepted the challenge a day after Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban criticized him during a joint press conference in Milan. The two officials ...

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Popular French minister blindsides Macron with surprise resignation during live radio interview

French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot, the most popular member of President Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet, announced he’s stepping down during a live interview, saying he’s frustrated with a lack of progress on green issues. Hulot, a TV celebrity and veteran environmental activist, joined Macron’s government in May last year and has since struggled to fit in with other members of the ...

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Support for Macron & Merkel’s coalitions plunge to record new lows – polls

The people’s dissatisfaction with the leading EU governments appears to be rising, as fresh polls show a record decline in the ratings of French President Emmanuel Macron and of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalitions. Support for Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party, Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), has gone down to its lowest level since ...

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Macron greenlights military budget boost, but what is he aiming for?

Emmanuel Macron, whose presidency is mired in political rows at home, recently approved a bulky military plan in which more money will be spent on foreign missions. Is he becoming an interventionist, and what is it all about? French President Emmanuel Macron, a photogenic liberal who promised to fix the stagnating economy and rising unemployment, among other domestic problems, when ...

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‘Let them come & get me’: Macron takes responsibility in violent bodyguard scandal

French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to take the hit for the unfolding Alexandre Benalla affair, saying he’s responsible for all the actions of his violent aide, who was filmed beating demonstrators during a May Day rally. “If they are looking for the one responsible, the only one responsible is me and me alone,” Macron told fellow parliamentary party lawmakers ...

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Macron brags to Trump he stole his 'The Art of the Deal' book techniques – report

French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly revealed to Donald Trump that he read his business-advice book ‘The Art of the Deal’ to steal techniques in order to gain leverage amid the growing trade war between the US and EU. Macron bragged about acquiring tricks from his US counterpart during their tête-à-tête meeting on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in ...

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Economist writer mocked for peddling old, debunked ‘Russian hack’ story in bizarre tweet to Macron

The Economist’s senior journalist Jeremy Cliffe has been mocked after rehashing the debunked story about the Kremlin ‘hacking’ Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. Observers reminded him it was rubbished by the French secret service. Cliffe, who runs The Economist’s Berlin Bureau, tweeted about French President Macron when he was celebrating his country’s victory at the FIFA World Cup on Sunday. The French ...

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Putin meets Macron ahead of World Cup final, gives flowers to French first lady (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin met his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron ahead of the World Cup final between France and Croatia. He marked the occasion by presenting France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron with flowers. The French president was invited to the Kremlin a few hours before the World Cup final. It’s Macron’s second visit to Russia in the past few days. ...

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