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Scared dog forces emergency landing after opening luggage compartment mid-flight

A passenger jet was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing in Moscow after a small dog, which somehow opened the luggage compartment from the inside, triggered an alarm onboard. The commander of a Boeing 737 travelling from St. Petersburg informed the ground services of the complications as it was approaching the Russian capital on Sunday. The alarm went off ...

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'Bachelor in Paradise' New Policy Now Includes Checking Luggage for Prescription Drugs

‘Bachelor in Paradise’New Policy … Checking Luggage for Illegal Drugs 6/24/2017 1:00 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants will have to ante up all drugs — both legal and not — when they land in Mexico for the relaunched version this weekend. TMZ has obtained an email sent by producers to contestants, which informs them of some of the ...

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SEE IT: Officers cuff Delta passenger over luggage spat

A Delta passenger became irate when there was no room for his luggage in overhead bins on a plane — and was forcibly removed from the New York-bound aircraft Wednesday, according to a report. The unidentified passenger became belligerent as travelers on Delta Flight 2646 in Tampa prepared for their trip to LaGuardia Airport. He began removing and throwing another ...

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Don’t Let the Airlines Lose Your Luggage This Thanksgiving

Filed under: Travel, Transportation & Logistics, Consumer Issues Alan Diaz/AP By SCOTT MAYEROWITZ NEW YORK — Heading into winter, fliers should take extra precautions with their checked luggage — December and January are traditionally the worst months for lost bags. To avoid problems, arrive at the airport early enough to let your bag get to the plane, and print out ...

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