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Crimean Bridge: Ukraine wants to bill Russia for future 'financial losses'

The head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Vladimir Omelyan, has estimated potential financial losses stemming from the launch of the Kerch Strait Bridge between Russia and Crimea, and vowed to make Russia foot the bill. “We are roughly estimating our annual lost revenues at around 500 thousands hryvnia [$ 19 million],” the minister told a Ukrainian media NEWSONE. “They are ...

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China warns Kim Jong-un Pyongyang faces 'GREAT LOSSES' if North Korea tests another nuke

The Chinese government have also warned that should war break out, it would be Pyongyang that would suffer most. Xi Jinping’s powerhouse is clearly worried about nuclear war breaking out in the region, pleading with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to behave with restraint. An editorial piece in the Global Times, widely regarded as the mouthpiece of the Communist Party, ...

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