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Communist candidate set to lose his moustache over poor election showing

Pavel Grudinin will have to endure insult to injury for the lowest result ever for a communist candidate in a Russian presidential race, as he had earlier bet his moustache that he would receive at least 15 percent of the vote. In early February, Grudinin made a bet with popular Russian web journalist Yuri Dud. The two agreed that if ...

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Iran could lose 500,000 bpd if Trump trashes deal

Declining oil production from Venezuela is all but assured this year, but another OPEC member presents another supply risk to the market: Iran. Read more Conflict between the US and Iran is one of the top geopolitical risks to the oil market this year. A new report from Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy spells out the possible scenarios that could play out ...

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Cryptocurrency investors could lose everything, warns Deutsche Bank

Bitcoin investors should remember issues like high volatility, possible price manipulation and data loss or data theft, according to Markus Mueller, global head of the Chief Investment Office at Deutsche Asset Management. Read more In an interview with Bloomberg, he said that Deutsche Bank does not advise investing in cryptocurrencies at present. “We do not recommend that. It’s only for ...

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Negotiate or lose ‘hundreds of millions’ in aid, Trump tells ‘disrespectful’ Palestinians

US President Donald Trump has warned Palestinians they will miss out on US aid if they don’t sit down and hold talks with Israel, after they snubbed the visit from Vice President Mike Pence. Trump voices his threat during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “When they disrespected us a ...

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Trump’s year of foreign policy: How to lose allies and alienate nations

The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency has been chaotic, to put it mildly – both domestically and for the world in general. And the world community should ask itself whether it was just a glitch in the system. One can safely assume that the majority of world leaders don’t consider Trump the best president the US has had. His ...

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‘We could lose the historic victory’: Farage fears Brexit reversal

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage says he is growing increasingly concerned that the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union could be overturned after all. The former UKIP leader claims the ‘Leave’ camp has lost steam in negotiations, giving the ‘Remainers’ more leverage in controlling the debate and influencing both parliament and the public on EU membership unchallenged. READ MORE: ...

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15k New Yorkers lose heat, airports close amid ‘very serious storm’

Thousands of New Yorkers were left in the cold as parts of the city were blanketed under more than a foot of snow. All inbound and outbound flights at JFK and LaGuardia airports were temporarily suspended. Winter Storm Grayson hit New York City hard Thursday, causing more than 6,500 New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartments to lose power. Six ...

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How did Mars lose its oceans? Scientist may have cracked the mystery

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 14:19 Mars might not be as dry as previously thought. New research from the University of Oxford suggests the water which once flowed on the Red Planet’s surfaces is actually locked in its rocks. It has been accepted for some time that streams of water used to flow along the surface of Earth’s barren neighbor. ...

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Bitcoin heading to $0.00 & many will lose everything when bubble pops – warns investor Peter Schiff

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 09:54 Bitcoin is a massive speculative bubble that will implode, and people who are buying it now will be left holding the bag, according to economist Peter Schiff, best known for predicting the 2008 financial crash. “People who got it years ago, even people who got it at the beginning of the year have the ...

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1 voter’s ballot swings Virginia House race, GOP lose control after recount

Just one vote… That’s what it took to break the GOP’s 17-year majority in Virginia’s House of Delegates, leaving the state’s Democrats with 50 seats in the legislative chamber. Delegate Shelly Simonds (D-Virginia) defeated three-term incumbent House Delegate David Yancy (R-Virginia) by one vote in Newport News Virginia’s 94th District race. The recount followed the results of an election previously ...

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