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An 8-ft-long lizard terrorized a Florida neighborhood for 3 months (PHOTOS)

A 150-pound lizard named Bamboo kept an entire neighborhood in the Miami area in a state of fear after it broke loose this August. The Asian monitor, capable of knocking its prey unconscious, was finally captured on Tuesday. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had been hunting the massive lizard since August when it was first spotted lurking into ...

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Housewife returns home to find monitor lizard trying to break in

The woman returned home from shopping and spotted the ferocious reptile clawing at the metal grill over her doorway in Samut Prakan province, Thailand. Rescuers grappled with the beast and eventually tied it down and set it free among nearby woodland on Tuesday afternoon at 5.20pm. Rescue worker Somchai Tangon said: “The monitor lizard was big. Between one and two ...

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Basic ‘lizard brain’ psychology can explain the rise of Trump

On Sunday, I told you what’s wrong with him. Today, we need to examine what’s wrong with us. Indeed, if almost half of America supports a President who more and more psychological experts believe has a personality disorder bordering on mental illness, there must certainly be something wrong with those supporters, too. There is: They crave a strongman above all ...

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