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Amazon may soon let you collaborate with others on Wish Lists

Amazon may soon be adding a feature consumers have wanted for years: collaborative wish lists. A number of people using Amazon.com and its mobile app recently spotted the option to “invite others” to their wish lists. This offers a URL that can be shared via text messages, email, social apps and more. Once clicked, the invitees can then both add ...

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Facebook bug temporarily unblocked people from 800,000+ block lists

If you block someone on Facebook, you probably want them to… you know, stay blocked. At least until you say otherwise. Facebook has just disclosed that around 800,000 users were impacted by a bug that silently unblocked “some” people they had blocked. The bug was live from May 29 until June 5, the company says. Worth noting: The bug didn’t ...

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Game over: WHO lists video game addiction as mental health disorder

If you’ve ever worried about friends or family shutting themselves off in front of a computer, frantically pushing buttons for hours, you had every right. Video game addiction has now been classified as a mental health disorder. ‘Gaming disorder’ is now listed in the recently updated International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which now covers about 55,000 injuries and diseases. Read ...

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Google lists California Republicans as ‘Nazis,’ blames Wikipedia ‘vandals’

Google admitted to an over-reliance on public sources to shield itself from accusations of political bias, after its automated algorithm listed ‘Nazism’ among the California Republican Party’s ideologies, triggering a scandal. A search for ‘California Republican Party’ on Google as late as Thursday morning listed “Nazism” as one of the party’s political ideologies in the ‘knowledge panel’ box, which popped ...

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Aussie ambulance service lists no-go addresses where paramedics may need police escort

The ambulance service in Victoria state has issued a list of places where paramedics face potential safety issues, including some where a police escort may be required. The list, which has been compiled since 2016, flags six locations for violence. Based on previous incidents, “police attendance is required to ensure the safety of Ambulance Victoria staff in order for them ...

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Facebook pushes for more personal updates with launch of new Lists feature

Facebook’s status update box is getting a new feature called Lists, which begins rolling out today. This is the first major update to the entry field since the launch of colored backgrounds just over a year ago, and also serves as a way to encourage Facebook users to share more personal content. The feature, like it sounds, lets users make ...

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Peace on Earth? Church nativity lists mass shootings behind Baby Jesus

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 11:35 The nativity scene at a Massachusetts church is displaying more than Mary and Joseph this year. Hanging behind the manger are 14 signs representing US mass shootings, along with their death tolls. The blue signs at St. Susanna Catholic Church feature some of the deadliest shootings in US history, documented in white paint. Among ...

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Russia lists 9 media outlets as foreign agents, including Voice of America, Radio Liberty

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 06:33 Edited time: 5 Dec, 2017 06:58 Nine media outlets have been registered as foreign agents by Russia’s Justice Ministry, in accordance with a recently passed law. The law comes in response to the US Congress’s moves towards RT America. On Tuesday, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, including its regional ...

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Harvard Law alumni directory lists Anthony Scaramucci as dead

BOSTON — Harvard Law School apologized Monday after its new alumni directory erroneously listed ousted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci as dead. The directory included an asterisk next to Scaramucci’s name indicating that he had been reported dead since the previous edition was released in 2011. “Regrettably, there is an error in the Harvard Law School alumni directory in ...

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Gigi and Bella Hadid's Mom Lists L.A. Condo to Move to NYC (PHOTO GALLERY)

EXCLUSIVE Gigi and Bella Hadid must have really wanted their mom to move to NYC with them … ’cause she’s dumping her L.A. pad and heading East. Yolanda Hadid just listed her L.A. condo after living there for little more than a year. She wants about $ 5 mil for the sky-high view from the 4,000 sq. ft home in ...

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