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Crucial details omitted by Boeing in aircraft manual may have prevented deadly Lion Air crash

Two pilots unions have lashed out at Boeing for failing to properly explain a safety feature on the 737 Max aircraft in their manuals. The oversight may have sealed the fate of a Max aircraft that crashed in Indonesia in October. Lion Air Flight 610 crashed in the sea near Jakarta – killing all 189 on board – due to ...

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‘It could happen again’: Problem behind Lion Air 737 crash may extend to other jets, expert tell RT

A technical issue that Boeing flagged in a safety warning after the deadly 737 MAX 8 crash in Indonesia could happen to any other aircraft, and it’s “not unlikely” that the manufacturer knew about it, aviation experts told RT. Earlier this week, Boeing issued a safety update to pilots flying its newest 737 MAX airliner, warning of a possible fault ...

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Lion Air plane smashes into lamp post just before takeoff with 145 passengers on board (VIDEO)

A Lion Air plane smashed into a lamp post just before taking off, causing a tear in its left wing. The incident happened just 10 days after another jet belonging to the low-cost airliner crashed with 189 people on board. In a new blow to the Indonesian budget carrier, a Lion Air jet was due to take off from Bengkulu ...

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Jogger finds lion cub caged & abandoned in Dutch field (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A jogger was enjoying their early morning exercise on the outskirts of Utrecht in the Netherlands Sunday when they happened upon an extremely cute, but highly unusual guest in the area: a four-month old lion cub in a cage. “I have travelled all over the world to stun animals, even lions and tigers, but I’ve never experienced anything like this,” ...

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Cuddly lion tries to ‘hijack’ Crimean safari buggy full of tourists (VIDEO)

Providing a unique photoshoot opportunity to a group of guests at safari adventure park in Crimea, the cuddly predator not only welcomed the pack but even tried to get behind the wheel for the tour. A full-grown lion named Filya appeared to be quite bored basking in the warm sunshine of the wild adventure park just outside of Simferopol. Excited ...

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Couple insists stuffed ‘Jesus’ lion is their lawyer, lose custody of child

A Canadian couple lost custody of their daughter because their religious views were found to be too extreme and impacted their relationship with family, doctors, social workers, and even the church, who tried to help them. The couple from British Columbia lost the custody battle after a bizarre court case in which they refused legal counsel and instead used a ...

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Karma in action? Lion hunter mysteriously killed on South Africa expedition

A Croatian trophy hunter who travelled to South Africa after killing “everything that could be hunted in Europe” was inexplicably shot dead while aiming for a lion. Pero Jelinić, 75, a hotelier from the Croatian island of Pag, had already killed a lion and was aiming for another on Saturday when a stray bullet struck him on a remote farm. ...

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Flesh-eating ancient ‘marsupial lion’ species discovered

Published time: 7 Dec, 2017 12:36 Scientists have discovered a strange new species of marsupial lion in northern Australia. The fearsome predator has been extinct for at least 18 million years. The animal was uncovered by a team of Australian scientists who analyzed fossilized remains of its skull, teeth and upper arm bone, all found in the Riversleigh World Heritage ...

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Russian scientists mull cloning cave lion after unveiling perfectly preserved cub (VIDEO)

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 01:53 A perfectly intact frozen cave lion cub, recently discovered in Russia’s Siberian Republic of Yakutia, may provide scientists with a chance to bring the prehistoric predator back to life… By cloning it. The cave lion cub, which froze between 20,000 or 50,000 years ago, was discovered by local subsoil developers in permafrost on the ...

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Rugby player bitten by lion reveals sickening extent of injuries (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 17:51 Welsh rugby player Scott Baldwin, who feared his career was over after being bitten by a lion in South Africa, has revealed the extent of the injuries he suffered. Baldwin, 29, who plays for club team Ospreys and has been capped by Wales more than 30 times, suffered the bite while attempting to stroke ...

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