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US student barred from entering Israel over ‘links to BDS’ fights decision in court

Lara Alqasem, a US student of Palestinian descent, spent over a week in a Tel Aviv airport after being denied entry to Israel over alleged support for BDS. Determined to study in Jerusalem, she’s fighting the decision in court. The 22-year-old student had her second appeal hearing on Thursday, but the court is yet to announce its final ruling. Alqasem, ...

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Saxony police suspected of far-right links after leak of warrant for Chemnitz murder suspect

Police in the eastern state of Saxony have landed in hot water as an arrest warrant for one of the men suspected of fatally stabbing a German in the city of Chemnitz has been circulated online by far-right groups. The regional police department in southeastern Germany has already been haunted by allegations of having links to, or at least sympathies ...

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Republicans left red-faced after website accidentally links to porn Twitter account

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been left red faced after it emerged that, for months, its website accidentally linked to a porn Twitter account instead of the Maryland Republican Party. READ MORE: Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa to undergo surgery on breast implant ruptured by ice hockey puck The website GOP.com had previously listed the Twitter handle for the Maryland ...

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Collusion everywhere? US media suspect Mueller of links to Russian billionaire

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man leading the probe into alleged collusion between US President Donald Trump’s election campaign and Russia, has himself fallen under suspicion of having ties to a Russian oligarch. The Mueller probe, which has been dragging on for about a year, has still not provided any tangible results. Meanwhile, ‘Russiagate’ rages on, with even perceived communication ...

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Bots on Twitter share two-thirds of links to popular websites: Pew

It’s official: Bots are doing a lot of PR grunt work on Twitter — especially when it comes to promoting porn websites. That perhaps unsurprising conclusion about what automated Twitter accounts are link sharing comes courtesy of a new study by the Pew Research Center which set out to quantify one aspect of bot-based activity in the Twittersphere. Specifically the researchers ...

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Outcry as Trump links violence to video games, shows reel with gaming massacre at Moscow airport

President Trump highlighted extreme violence in video games with the help of a stomach-churning compilation including a video game massacre in a Moscow airport. Critics lashed out at the suggestion that gaming causes violence. Featuring gore-filled clips from popular titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; Wolfenstein; Dead by Daylight; Sniper Elite; and Fallout 4, the video montage ...

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Boris Johnson swerves questions on Saudi links to Syrian militants during car crash interview

Boris Johnson failed to answer questions on Saudi Arabia’s alleged links to the Islamist militia battling the Syrian government in Eastern Ghouta. The interview came after a UN-agreed temporary ceasefire was put in place. Presenter Mishal Husain for BBC Radio 4’s Today program pushed the foreign secretary on reports that British ally Saudi Arabia was “backing” the main militant group ...

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White nationalist leader backtracks on links to Florida shooter Nikolaz Cruz

The leader of the Republic of Florida, a local white nationalist group, who earlier told media the suspect in the Florida school shooting was associated with his organization, has now backtracked on his words. Jordan Jereb, the leader of the Republic of Florida (ROF) group, told AP and the Anti-Defamation League NGO on Thursday that 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who has ...

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Corbyn’s Communist spy links? Labour leader named in Cold War files

Jeremy Corbyn is in line for tough questioning over allegations he met with a communist spy during the Cold War. The Labour leader allegedly met with agents in the 80s after being vetted by the then-Soviet government of Czechoslovakia. Secret files obtained by The Sun suggest Corbyn met with agents at least three times, twice in the Commons. The Czech ...

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Judge who upheld Julian Assange's warrant questioned over links to security services

Julian Assange’s supporters are questioning the integrity of the judge who upheld his UK arrest warrant, accusing her of being influenced by the British authorities and the secret service. Earlier this week, Judge Emma Arbuthnot rejected arguments presented by Assange’s legal team over why he breached bail conditions by seeking political refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012. Read more ...

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